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Best Training Tips by Coach Gus

Best Training Tips after long lay off by Coach Gus Editor’s Note If you want to go back to the gym after a long lay-off of more than 3 months, then here are a few useful pointers that Coach Gus … Continue reading

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The Balloting Of SCKLM 2019

The Balloting Of SCKLM 2019 Editor’s Note Approximately two-thirds of the total running slots across all SCKLM 2019 categories have already been taken up by the returning SCKLM 2018 runners who were given the privilege of grabbing slots before it … Continue reading

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🗼🏃Tower Running Tips

🗼🏃Tower Running Tips Editor’s Note Running or racing up stairs requires incredible stamina and fitness. In fact, there is a specific way to train for tower runs in order to develop your skills and strength. Recently, I interviewed Asia’s No.1 … Continue reading

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RHB Shimano Lekas Highway Ride 2018 – Race Eve by Gus Rider

RHB Shimano Lekas Highway Ride 2018 – Race Eve by Gus Rider Editor’s Note FIGURES DON’T LIE – The official Lekas Highway Ride 2018 record states that there’ll be a total of 4,496 cyclists across all Categories on race day … Continue reading

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Running With Social Media

Running With Social Media 🏃📲 Editor’s Note✍️ CURRENT AFFAIRS: My article entitled, “Making Road Marathons Safer & Better” was published in Running Malaysia magazine of JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018. HOT TOPIC: Subsequently, my latest write-up called “Running With Social Media” appeared again … Continue reading

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Top 20 RUNNING CHECKLIST  for Family & Fun Runners by Happy Runner

⭐Top 20 RUNNING CHECKLIST for Family & Fun Runners by Happy Runner. EDITOR’S NOTE Upon Special Request by the event officials, I have put together this checklist for the many new, family runners and children as young as 12-years old … Continue reading

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GO FOR IT! FTKLAA Cross Country 2018 – Preview by Happy Runner

GO FOR IT! FTKLAA Cross Country 2018 – Preview by Happy Runner Editor’s Note Running Blogger: Today, I attended the PRESS CONFERENCE of GO FOR IT! – FTKLAA Cross Country at Wisma OCM which was hosted by Federal Territory Kuala … Continue reading

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Running In The Shadows

Running In The Shadows EDITOR’S NOTE I was approached by Running Malaysia magazine to write about the topic of Night Running, and it was a privilege to have my finished article first featured in their Issue No.22 of July/August 2017. … Continue reading

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​FITNESS FUNK – Broad Jumps

​FITNESS FUNK – Broad Jumps Definition  Plyometrics, also known as “jump training” or “plyos”, are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength). Broad Jumps  Broad jumps, also known … Continue reading

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​PERFECT TRAINING DAY 10th September 2016 YIN AND YANG Have you had one of those days when everything feels just right – not too much, not too little? It’s difficult to describe it, but I would sum it up as … Continue reading

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