What’s the point of modernisation, when we can’t take care of our environment & ALL our citizens?

10 years ago, environmentalists already warned that the logging, mining and plantations were going to destroy Gua Musang forests and kill off the indigenous Orang Asli inhabitants.

Now, politicians & public are acting surprised that the OA is dying because of malnutrition and weak immune system. Of course, when corporations and profiteers are allowed to pollute the rivers & cut-down trees over decades unchecked, the OA will suffer directly & severely – it’s not rocket science!

Do we want to continue to support leaders and politicians who seek short term profits and sacrifice our precious natural resources, not to mention bully, threaten and evict the peaceful OA tribes who have lived self-sufficiently in the jungle before outsiders intervened?

The 14 lives lost so far and the other 40 over Orang Asli hospitalised did not have to suffer because the problem was preventable.


We can no longer allow corruption and greed to favour the few at the cost of the many. We must fight for equal rights for ALL citizens, and not allow powerful groups to get away with blue murder and steal our natural resources anymore!

Malaysia is heading for a Environmental Disaster, and already, there are unbelievable air & river pollution, and extensive deforestation in Kuala Terengganu, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Pahang, Selangor, Malacca, Johor & Sarawak.

We must tell our leaders that we want to preserve our environment, because building new international airports, man made islands, more concrete skyscrapers will only make the elite richer at the expense of diminishing the quality of life for the majority of hard working citizens.


We all got to do our part to ease global warming, no matter how trivial it may be. When everybody is working towards the same positive goals, together, we can make a change and move mountains for a better future.

The effects of global industrialisation is destroying our planet, and no one has the luxury of sitting back and just be an inactive passenger anymore. Either you are part of the solution, or you become part of the problem.

There are so many things that you as an individual can contribute to preserving our backyard, our forests, our rivers, our clean air, and our natural heritage.

You certainly don’t have to be an environmentalist to love mother nature, but everything that you do will have an impact on your surroundings, your neighborhood, your country and the planet!


My advice is that you start by doing some research on basic environmental topics such as global warming, deforestation, waste pollution, environmental protection.

Don’t just read about how you can save the environment, make sure that you take immediate steps to help out. For example, use less plastics, burn less fuel, reduce wastage, use less water & electricity, recycle where possible.

Don’t forget to support suppliers and vendors who uphold good environmental practices.

Choose a topic that you have a passion for such as animal protection or save the ocean or trees. In my case, I concentrate more on preserving the Orang Asli natural habitat. It really does not matter, which area that you focus on as long as you are doing something positive for the environment.

If you need any advice on what to do, drop me an email

You are welcome to follow my postings on the Environment at Virtual Sports (see link below)..and together, we can share some good ideas to make this world more beautiful…


To the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided herein is accurate at the time of publishing and the views expressed are based on my own personal opinions and findings, and they don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Product Manufacturer, Event Organiser or any Third Party unless explicitly specified otherwise.

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Gus Ghani is the Founder of Running Toons and Virtual Sports ; a HIIT Fitness Coach, and Magazine Columnist.  He has contributed numerous insightful articles to The Star newspaper, Running Malaysia Magazine, and Cycling Malaysia Magazine. LIKE Happy Runner for RUNNING UPDATES, Gus Rider for CYCLING NEWS, Gus Ghani for SPORTS INFOTAINMENT and FOLLOW gusghani @IG for LIFESTYLE.

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