The Underbelly Of The Internet by Gus Ghani

The Underbelly Of The Internet by Gus Ghani


Part 1 : Advantage Black Hats

Our over reliance upon the smartphone is scary, and it can’t be healthy staring at your handphone screen for long periods. Yet, we’re all guilty of spending so much time surfing the internet on our mobile devices watching YouTube, checking our FB, updating our IG or playing video games.

Personally, I believe that the internet has become over commercialised, and consumers are unknowingly being lured by giant tech companies to spend more time online which in turn will benefit corporations like telecommunications companies, smartphone makers, Apps creaters, social media platforms, and retail industries.

So, what is wrong with using the internet to keep in touch with friends, to buy/sell stuff online and to be entertained? Nothing, except when you’re online, you expose yourself to many serious dangers such as the following :-
1) Online Scam
2) Identity Theft
3) Sexual Predators, Cyber-bullies & Trolls
Everyday, we read in the news about poor victims whose bank account has been hacked and their money siphoned off; somebody cheated out of goods & services bought online, and sadly, too many students have committed suicide or left traumatised by cyber-bullying or being unjustly trolled. Unfortunately, Government, Legal & Enforcement Authorities & State Agencies always seem to be one-step behind the tech-savvy cyber-villains, and often, the cyber criminals are never caught which is damn worrying.

There are other kinds of internet scam and pitfalls which have not been officially identified  or addressed, but can wreak havoc to the lives of unsuspecting internet users. In fact, most likely, you’re already a victim, but you haven’t realised it yet.

If you’re interested to learn more about my horrible findings, like this comment & I’ll share with you via pm the unseen and sinister internet plots and ploys in Part 2 of “The Underbelly Of The Internet”…..

To the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided herein is accurate at the time of publishing and the views expressed are based on my own personal opinions and findings, and they don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Product Manufacturer, Event Organiser or any Third Party unless explicitly specified otherwise.

About The Author

Gus Ghani is the Founder of Running Toons and Virtual Sports ; a HIIT Fitness Coach, and Magazine Columnist.  He has contributed numerous insightful articles to The Star newspaper, Running Malaysia Magazine, and Cycling Malaysia Magazine. LIKE Happy Runner for RUNNING UPDATES, Gus Rider for CYCLING NEWS, Gus Ghani for SPORTS INFOTAINMENT and FOLLOW gusghani @IG for LIFESTYLE.

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About Gus Ghani

Hi:) My name is Gus and I am a Fitness Coach who enjoys outdoor adventures. In particular, I like to run marathons & ultra marathons, and compete in triathlons and century rides for fitness, fun & friendship. My passion is to motivate my friends to exercise more so that they can live life to the fullest. The purpose of this blog is five-fold:- 1) I find writing very therapeutic & beats paying for a psychiatrist to keep sane 2) I like to share & inspire others into engaging in any healthy pursuits 3) This is a great way to keep track of my progress in all my sporting endeavours 4) This also keeps me honest & spurs me on to do more 5) Even if you are a couch potatoe, I hope you will find my entries entertaining and/or informative. In summary, this blog is helping me help others help myself...get it?
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