ACR 2018 – Cycling Event Review By Gus Rider

ACR 2018 – Cycling Event Review By Gus Rider



With a tinge of sadness, I bid farewell to Port Dickson’s glorious ACR 2018 until the next time. Why be sad? Because, frankly, I’m going to miss working closely with the ACR 2018 Project Team who were generous enough to have given me exclusive access to their behind-the-scenes operations. Furthermore, these good fellas even treated me like one of their “family” over the past few months during The Making Of ACR 2018 at our lovely base centre & race venue of Avillion Admiral Cove Port Dickson – from its initial conception until its final closing ceremony.
oznorIndeed, it’s been an extreme privilege to befriend such a professional team who are so dedicated to putting together the best possible cycling event for their keen participants and at the same time, to showcase the beauty and attractions of Port Dickson as a HOLIDAY DESTINATION for active and leisure VISITORS, as well as for All Cyclists.
oznorWatching closely how all the various components of the ACR organising committee interacted, gelled and worked together EXPEDITIOUSLY towards their common goal, was like watching the greatest Brazilian football team do their Samba magic and scoring goals for fun. Deservingly, I applaud the organiser’s BRILLIANT TEAMWORK in making this ACR 2018 so ENJOYABLE & MEMORABLE for all the joyous participants, including this small time Blogger.
rptozRead on and find out how ACR 2018 WON-OVER the HEARTS of 1,500 joyful Cyclists at Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson on an overcast, yet exhilarating Sunday morning…

cofIt seems very lavish to engage 35 Police Superbikes from Bukit Aman for this non-racing event, especially since such police escort services are only reserved for more prestigious events such as the Le Tour De Langkawi professional cycling race. In reality, due to the unexpected Port Dickson by-election on the race eve, it was absolutely necessary to rope-in the assistance of the Bukit Aman Police in order to avoid the unthinkable cancellation of ACR 2018 by the local authorities.
cofIf the event had been cancelled, no one would lose more than the participants themselves. Therefore, the ACR organisers deserve huge praise for not abandoning the hapless participants at a critical stage and going that extra mile to save this cycling event at their own expense, when most other event organisers would have taken the easier route of cancelling their event without having to compensate for the registrants losses. 


34e33abc-1fc8-4e24-95fe-5313a1c1d3e8-0403558363381944The NEW 160km route took 312 ENDURANCE Riders through the heartland of rural Negeri Sembilan, namely, Lubok China, Kota, Rembau, Pedas, Rantau, Mambau and Siliau. Much of this route consisted of rural roads with some beautiful backdrop MIX of mountains, lush greenery, palm oil estates, farms and traditional Kampung homes.

IMG_20181021_173724_078For the record, the well-stocked water stations were located at Dewan Orang Ramai Linggi (31km mark), Sekolah Kebangsaan Salak Nama (69km mark), Masjid Kampung Sawah (102km mark), and Sekolah Dato’ Raja Melana (134km mark).

dd23c674-e1ee-48b0-a772-607612842235-0645872401135417The new 60km route was the same as the 160km route up to Water Station 1 at Dewan Orang Ramai Linggi (31km mark). From there, the 906 SCENIC Riders rode to Air Kuning, and rejoined the 160km route for the last 20km, en route to the nature reserve of Sungai Menyala, and lastly back to Jalan Pantai.
IMG_20181018_103405_453EASY RIDE
a74b2280-86ec-4457-a574-178b87b1c6d6-0403816251954861The 30km Easy Riders had followed the same first 11km route on Jalan Pantai to Teluk Kemang as the 160km & 60km routes. Thereafter, these 139 Fun Riders veered to Teluk Pelanduk, enroute to Army Museum. The last mile took them alongside the popular Port Dickson BEACHFRONT, and right up to the Finish Line. There were several energetic junior riders cycling along with proud mummies and daddies (see video).
IMG_20181015_184736_437Video – Elated Iwan Rathuan Completes 30km
rptoz💐 🚴‍♂️🏖️
Event | Avillion Cultural Ride
Date | 14 October 2018
Distance | 160km, 60km & 30km
Flag Off | 7am, 7:15am & 7:30am respectively
VIP Guests | MPPD YDP Tuan Mohd Zamri bin Mohd Esa, AVILLION BERHAD’s Independent Director Dato’ Faisal Zelman Bin Datuk Abdul Malik & BANK MUAMALAT Malaysia’s CEO Dato’ Hj Mohd Redza Shah Abdul Wahid.
Total Riders | 1,500 (including 250 Women)



The epicentre of ACR 2018 was the elegant, holiday resort of Avillion Admiral Cove (AAC) where many riders like Ben (see photo below) and his son from Johor had taken advantage of the hotel promotional rates to check-in there.


Other cyclist like Cheryl (4th from Left in photo below) & Friends had driven from KL on the wee hours of that Sunday morning to make it before their 7am Flag Off.
rptThe hotel staff made all the visiting Cyclists and their bikes feel welcomed with 5-star amenities and service. Big shout out to Robert, Firdaus & all the helpful gang at AAC. 

Video – Buzzing Finish Area




The Finish Area looked like a colourful carnival parade and full of celebratory Cyclists in high spirits as they chatted away, and snapped countless selfies while showing off their lovely finisher medals around their necks and big grins on their faces.



After a wonderful ride, the peckish riders were treated to some light refreshments in the form of tasty local snacks and Nestle breakfast cornflakes, followed by an irresistible cold Milo choc drink and free flow 100 Plus isotonic drinks too!



The announcements of lucky draw numbers brought big cheers from the hopeful crowd.


Everyone walked away from the race venue feeling satisfied, and some even took home priceless cycling and vacationing memories.


rptI spoke and interviewed several riders and cycling groups after their ride at the race venue, and everybody unanimously gave the event top marks.

Regular cyclists Cheryl (see photo below) and one of 250 female riders at ACR 2018 loved the cool design of the event jersey and medal.


What was is even more impressive – every participant that I interviewed, told me they would come again next year without hesitation!

Fabian (far right in photo below) of BikeZone Cycling Team from Seremban 2 declared enthusiastically, “We were here last year, this year and we’ll be here next year too! “


I asked Nicholas (see photo below) from KL why he chose to join ACR 2018 for the first time, and he replied, “I like to cycle in new places and see new sights around the country. “


Senior Rider Louis (Left in photo below) from KL told me, “The weather was perfect for cycling today – cloudy, dry and cooling.”


Another cyclist enthusiast Saiful (2nd from Right in photo below) admitted, “When I’m training, I will not ride further than 30km. However, during ACR 2018, I was motivated to complete the full 60km route accompanied by my cycling buddies!”


Cycling Teams & Groups Photo ALBUM

There were many cycling groups who came out to support ACR 2018, and special shout out to the 53 Bank Muamalat Riders (including Amalina in photo below), TWCC (Selayang), ECT Cycling Team, BIKEZONE (Seremban 2), and PEDALARE LA BICHI. 






Press Release: A strong 1500 Participants for Avillion Cultural Ride 2018 presented by Bank Muamalat
IMG-0864A strong 1500 participants turned out for Avillion Hotel Group’s 2nd Avillion Cultural Ride 2018 presented by Bank Muamalat despite the uncertain weather condition and a day after the Port Dickson by election.

The Avillion Cultural Ride 2018 presented by Bank Muamalat was flagged off by MPPD YDP Tuan Mohd Zamri bin Mohd Esa along with Avillion Berhad’s Independent Director Dato’ Faisal Zelman Bin Datuk Abdul Malik & Bank Muamalat Malaysia’s CEO Dato’ Hj Mohd Redza Shah Abdul Wahid.
IMG-0855The ride offers 3 categories: 30km Fun Ride, 60km Scenic Ride and 160km Endurance Ride and started & ended at Avillion Admiral Cove Port Dickson. It is cater to bicycles of all disciplines, including road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes and all other bicycles.




IMG-20181017-WA0005Upon reaching the finishing line, participants were awarded their Finisher’s Medal, Meal, and some lucky ones won the attractive lucky draw prizes.
rptAvillion is extremely proud to be both the Organizer and the Host of this cycling event.

Negeri Sembilan is blessed with diverse yet unique cultural heritage rarely found in other states of Malaysia hence for our 2nd ride, we are proud to highlight the wonders of Negeri Sembilan cultural. Cultural performances will be arranged on the ride day allowing riders & public to enjoy.

Together with Avillion Hotel Group, the event is supported by strong corporate brands that support cycling as a healthy lifestyle. This event is presented together with our esteemed partners Bank Mualamat Malaysia Berhad, MAA Group Berhad & Mimpi Matamoon.
IMG-20181019-WA0005Other sponsors are Sime Darby Auto Connexion, 100 Plus, F&N Ice Mountain, Nestle Fitness, Milo, Kapal Api, N8, Rosegate, Indadi and Cycling Malaysia.

Avillion Hotel Group looks forward to nurture Avillion Cultural Ride into an international event that draws excitement while promoting sport tourism to Port Dickson.
IMG_20181014_144319_397** THE END **



Race eve at Avillion Admiral Cove was the only day & place that the participants could officially collect their ride kits which consisted of a cycling jersey, bib number and sponsored goodies. Here, there is room to improve the kit distribution system and to make it more orderly in future events.

Also, I would suggest that the participants are given the option to receive their ride kit by courier delivery service at their own cost for better convenience, especially for the many outstation participants.



ACR 2018 Preview by Gus Rider

ACR 2018 160km Route Recce

ACR 2018 Press Conference


ACR 2018 Photo Finish Album (coming soon)


ACR 2018 Riders After Party Album (coming soon)


Only in its second edition, ACR is off to a REMARKABLE start, and with the CAPABLE stewardship of En. Iwan (see 30km Finisher Photo below) and En. Zulkarnain (see Pillion Rider Photo below), along with the STRONG support of all the Sponsors, the Crew and Port Dickson Community, ACR can GROW and DEVELOP to be a permanent and proud fixture of Negeri Sembilan as the PREFERRED Cycling/Holiday Destination for locals and international visitors….



22 LIVE ACTION Video :-

Family Riders

Small Wheels

MTB Finishers

Mummy & Son

TWCC Finishers

Look, No Hands

ECT Riders

Photo Finish

Two Thumbs 

Tahniah Finishers

Medal Awards

60km Finishers

Let’s Toast

Sprint Finish 

Foldie vs RB

Finishing Strong

Bravo Finishers

Last 300 metres

After Finish Line

Winners Never Quit

Where Are Our Medals

Aerial View












To the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided herein is accurate at the time of publishing and the views expressed are based on my own personal opinions and findings, and they don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Product Manufacturer, Event Organiser or any Third Party unless explicitly specified otherwise.
rptAbout The Author

Gus Ghani is the Founder of Running Toons and a HIIT Fitness Coach, and Magazine Columnist.  He has contributed numerous insightful articles to The Star newspaper, Running Malaysia Magazine, and Cycling Malaysia Magazine. LIKE Happy Runner for RUNNING UPDATES, Gus Rider for CYCLING NEWS, Gus Ghani for SPORTS INFOTAINMENT and FOLLOW gusghani @IG for LIFESTYLE.
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