Official Recce For Avillion Cultural Ride 2018

Official Recce For Avillion Cultural Ride 2018


Editor’s Note

On 4th September 2018, I joined the technical crew of Avillion Cultural Ride (ACR) 2018 together with the Avillion Admiral Cove staff, En. Rahzuan and Tengku Azah, and En. Shaiful /Timbalan Ketua Traffic Negeri Sembilan (Traffic Police) to inspect and to survey the NEW proposed 160km route.


Frankly, this was my first time, to recce a cycling route with a technical crew, and I was excited to observe and learn how it’s done. My other intention is to gather and  share some useful and interesting insider information to cycling fans and to my readers…


Activity | Official Recce 160km Cycling Route For ACR 2018

Date | 04 Sept 2018, 8am

Meeting Point | Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson


Sea Captain

In my eagerness, I had arrived at the meeting point early, before 8am, and I had time to wander around the beautiful boating and mooring facilities at Avillion Admiral Cove (AAC) Resort.

The view of the morning sunray reflecting on the calm seawater of the inlet was truly spectacular, and the sight of private luxury yachts and boats birthed on the exclusive dock made me envious of their unknown rich owners. Thankfully, I could enjoy the priceless views of the South China Sea on the horizon for free!


There were a couple of sea anglers who boarded a charming open deck boat which was steered slowly and quietly out to sea; and I watched the diagonal waves created by the propellers. I wondered if these fishermen would catch any of those magnificent ocean fish, and subsequently, would they release their catch back into the ocean, or would they bring back their catch back to shore to feast upon. I do love fresh seafood, but I also worry about our marine life being overfished and over polluted. There is something about the sea’s vastness that always puts me a reflective mood and make me start questioning the meaning of life! However, this morning, my focus must be firmly fixed on dryland…


Patrol Duty

Our convoy was made up of a police patrol 4WD, 2 police bikes, and 3 sedan cars. Our mission was to follow exactly the preplanned 160km cycling route; verify its exact distance; cross-check the distance markers; assess the safety of any road intersections and road conditions; and confirm suitable areas for the water station locations.


Same Start

All the 30km, 60km and 160km Cyclists would start near the resort’s guardhouse and turn right at the main road which would take them past the Port Dickson Hospital. At the first roundabout, all riders will go straight towards Teluk Kemang where there are many roadside eateries for holidaymakers. Then, at 11km point, the 30km riders will turn left and head to PD Beach, passing Army Museum.


Thereafter, it’s a 2km ride on the coastal road back to Avillion Admiral Cove to end their 30km fun ride. 



Like last year’s ride, the first pit stop will be 31km away at Pekan Linggi where 160km & 60km riders will be able to refuel with drinks and bananas. If all goes well, there may be a nice surprise for the riders here, but it’s not confirmed yet. 


160km & 60km Split↔️

Right after Linggi WS, the endurance riders will turn right and head to Lebuk Raya, Semerbok (50km mark), and at Legok Jaya (58km point), they must turn left to Rembau.


Meanwhile, the scenic 60km riders will head straight immediately after this first water station, making their way to Sungai Linggi where they will share the final 17km route back to Finish Line as 160km cyclists.


2nd Water Station💦💦


Right after Kampung Bogek, the second WS for 160km route is situated outside Sekolah Kebangsaan Salak Nama at 69.5km point.



At 91km, the riders will cycle through the sleepy hamlet of Ulu Rantau at Kampung Cina. Then, they’ll pass Kuala Sawah (Rantau) at 102km point, followed by Mambau at 110km mark.


3rd Water Station 💦💦💦


After the Balai Polis Silau at 126km, the third WS will most probably be at Sekolah Kebangsaan Dato’ Raja Kelana, Renau (135km point).


Afterwards, from Sungai Linggi (@143km), the remaining route is the same as the 60km riders too, which will be flanked by open palm oil estates, until the shady portion of Sungai Menyala nature reserve. The homestretch will take the weary riders back pass the Port Dickson roundabout and finally, to the familiar Avillion Admiral Cove entrance on the left. Please note that one side of the driveway will be closed for cyclists, while the other side will be opened to the public to enter and exit the resort. There will be marshals present to direct you, but for your safety, you ought to slow down before turning into Admiral Cove. 




The new 160km route is the most straightforward amongst all my past century rides which means there are less turnoffs and not many major intersections to slow down or distract the racers.



Much of the century’s route is through unhurried villages where time appears to move very slowly and nothing new happens. There are many nostalgic views of Kampung life and farms where the locals live predominantly off the land, and their traditions remain mostly intact.


I noticed that the heartland of Negeri Sembilan is very green, and much of her natural landscape – the flora and fauna – have been left unspoilt by modern industrialisation, so far. Don’t be surprised, if on this century route, you’ll find that your fancy road bikes will be the only sign of modernisation for miles around. 



Without wanting to sound like a greenie or a hippie, it’s important for the local companies like Avillion Admiral Cove, with the support of the local leaders, to organise more inclusive and healthy activities such as Avillion Cultural Ride 2018. By doing so, more visitors will be able to see firsthand the original beauty in the natural landscape of unspoilt Negeri Sembilan…and hopefully, it will remain that way for the future too. 



By coincide, the high profile Port Dickson by-election will take place on the day before race day. While, it is vital that the concerned citizens cast their votes on polling day in a civilised manner, it is also equally important that the plans of the ACR 2018 Organiser are allowed to continue without unnecessary interruptions for the sake of the paid-up participants, as well as for the local companies, the local supporters and community who have invested their valuable time and resources to showcase Port Dickson as a popular holiday and sports destination…



Having completed our 160km journey, we adjourned to Teluk Kemang for a scrumptious lunch of popular local dishes of ikan assam pedas and daging masak lemak. Yummy!


Then, we headed back to Avillion Admiral Cove for a meeting to provide project updates and confirm the next important action points over a nice cuppa tea and sandwiches from the resort’s kitchen.



Many cyclists love to go on bike vacations and tour the Malaysian countryside on two wheels. It is important for touring or visiting Cyclists to UNDERSTAND and RESPECT the common local customs and traditions in order to keep a mutually beneficial relationship between the visitors and their hosts. To this end, I have listed below a few common sense tips to help city-dwelling visitors INTERACT POSITIVELY with the out-of-town locals.


1) Plan your visitation in advance, and in particular draw out an itinerary outline of things to do and places to visit to make best use of your limited time.

2) In addition to bringing along sufficient funds for traveling expenses, allocate extra budget for any contingencies.

3) Whenever possible, acquire local products and services to support the local community. Any small contribution will go a long way collectively.

4) Research your travel destination beforehand, so that you can interact more meaningfully with the locals who will appreciate your efforts.

5) Never assume that everything is done in the same way away as it’s done at home. BE SENSITIVE to the local customs and play by the local rules to show your hosts due respect, and you’ll gain their respect too.

6) Be flexible and don’t expect the same comforts and convenience as what you’re used to at home. Locals will normally give visitors the BEST of what they’ve got, so accept their offerings graciously no matter how small it seems to you.

7) NEVER CRITICISE the local people or their lifestyle even if you don’t like them because it’s regarded as disrespectful and ungrateful.

8) Leave nothing behind except footprints, and take nothing away but memories…

Incidentally, these traveler’s tips are universal, and they apply to most places that I’ve VISITED, for abroad and domestic outstation trips. Hope, it helps you leave a good impression on behalf of the cycling community…


live videos archive ⬇️

2nd Water Station

Cow Crossing

Technical Meeting


Many thanks to Shaiful, Rahzuan, Tengku Azah, Zul, Man, NS Traffic Police, AAC Staff and ACR2018 Crew for your kind hospitality, and I look forward to meeting you all again on race kit collection & race day on 13th & 14th Oct 2018 respectively at the BEST Holiday Resort in Port Dickson !


To the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided herein is accurate at the time of publishing and the views expressed are based on my own personal opinions and findings, and they don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Product Manufacturer, Event Organiser or any Third Party unless explicitly specified otherwise.

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Gus Ghani is the Founder of Running Toons and a HIIT Fitness Coach, and Magazine Columnist.  He has contributed numerous insightful articles to The Star newspaper, Running Malaysia Magazine, and Cycling Malaysia Magazine. LIKE Happy Runner for RUNNING UPDATES, Gus Rider for CYCLING NEWS, Gus Ghani for SPORTS INFOTAINMENT and FOLLOW gusghani @IG for LIFESTYLE.

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  1. Raymond says:

    Hi Gus,
    Thanks for the post, very informative and looking forward to the ride!
    There are some rumours that the event may be affected or even cancelled due to the 13Oct by-election. Are you able to confirm with the organizers if the event is going ahead? Thanks!

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