Yik Mun Restaurant, Tanjung Malim – Restaurant Review

Yik Mun Restaurant, Tanjung Malim – Restaurant Review


10th May 2018

After a long and anxious overnight wait to witness the monumental election victory Pakatan Harapan (PH) over the lynchpin Barisan Nasional Parti (National Front Party) in Malaysia 14th General Election, my wife Maryati and I decided to take advantage of the post-election two-day public holidays, and head to the famous Yik Mun Restaurant in Tanjung Malim for lunch.


Yik Mun is located one-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur if you take the North-South Highway.

Opened in 1926, Yik Mun offers patrons homemade steamed dumplings and popular Hainanese food.


Malaysia’s Talisman

The Barisan Nasional (BN) Party had governed Malaysia for 60 years, ever since we achieved Independence from the Colonial British Empire, but the Opposition Parties have been making gradual inroads in recent years, mainly due to the people’s frustration with the previous Government’s over dubious financial policies and unexplained missing billions of public funds.


During the reign of our 4th Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad from 1981 to 2003, Malaysia enjoyed remarkable economic growth and development to become one of the successful Asian Tiger countries of the 1990’s: Mahathir and Malaysia was recognised and respected highly by other Global Leaders, and we took pride in producing our own National Car – The Proton. The firm but fair Mahathir kept the peace among our multi-racial citizens, and we even managed to overcome the 1990’s Asian Financial Crisis, created by unscrupulous currency traders, with very astute Government measures like refusing financial aid from the World Bank, and pegging our Ringgit to the Greenback at 3.8. Yes, Malaysia, like any country faced many challenges, but we still managed to control the cost of living under the capable leadership of Prime Minister & BN.

On hindsight, Malaysia’s economy started sliding downwards when Mahathir retired as PM without leaving behind a worthy successor. What happened next…?

More international news about PM Mahathir


Preserving History


Simple Decor With Good Food

One of the things, I love most about Yik Mun Restaurant is how they have preserved the simple functionality of their shoplot and kept the feel of the bygone days when life was simpler and more enjoyable. Sitting inside Yik Mun, I could easily imagined how the early-days patrons would enjoy authentic Hainanese cooking or a cup of local coffee with freshly steamed Pau as they watched the locals going about their business outside.

Halal Chinese Cuisine

I was pleasantly surprised at the extensive range of food on the menu which offered  popular hainanese asian and western dishes from chicken rice to chicken chop.


The diners were almost all Malays, and I found my Cantonese Mee delicious with the right mix of delicate egg-filled sauce, succulent prawns, tasty mixed vegetables and crispy noodles. 

Watch📹 https://youtu.be/CecQVqgyodg


Yong Tau Fu 🤤

The steamed dumplings were savoury (with chicken or beef curry fillings) or sweet (with kaya or red bean fillings). I found the savoury Pau tasty but it was not much different from ones sold in other outlets.

Timely Stop


I guess for weary road travellers on the way to Ipoh or Kuala Lumpur, this halfway stop welcomed them to eating oasis of delicious stomach fillers in a rustic and charming setting of timeless bygone days.


New Malaysia

As Malaysians embrace the future with renewed hope and optimism, under the stewardship of a pragmatic and austere new Government, I hope that we guard and preserve our natural resources, cultural heritage and mixed race society as reflected by important places like Yuk Min….


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