UAK KAFE RESTAURANT – Review by Gus Ghani

UAK KAFE RESTAURANT – Review by Gus Ghani


Happy Anniversary, Darling

My wife Maryati and I decided to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary with a quiet dinner at a relative new restaurant called UAK (Ustaz Abdullah Khairi) Kafe which was opened on November 2017.

Video Clip : My Sweetheart

It was like a blind date because we had no idea what was on the menu, and the only thing that we knew about it was that the restaurant is uniquely built using those huge 20 feet shipping containers. I was attracted to it by this display of ingenuity and furthermore, I liked the idea of recycling materials wherever possible. Whether the  UAK Kafe Owner had the original intention of saving the environment or not, it did bother me, but every little bit of green effort does help to save our planet.

Off The Beaten Track

Again, even BEFORE stepping into the restaurant, I was IMPRESSED by the restaurant’s strategic location which offers lots of FREE parking spaces available, and yet it was only 5 minutes drive from the now defunct Batu Tiga Toll Booth. The restaurant itself is sharing a large and spacious open lot with a Go Kart centre ( Night Go Kart Action! ), racing car academy, premium car restoration and detailing companies, and even a remote control car hobbyist. It was a remarkably quiet spot, considering it was directly overlooking Kuala Lumpur’s busiest Federal Highway.

I am making a deal about this location because it is nice to be able to go somewhere tranquil to WIND-DOWN and ENJOY dinner with your partner and family without the din and chaotic road traffic of the high streets.

Tasteful Decor


UAK is located on the first floor of a neat two-storey building boasting a modern design of exterior black container walls and the designer made clever use of glass, wood and industrial metals to give the place a cool and contemporary look. It was as if the owners were successful entrepreneurs who still liked to play with toy cars and go-karts.

Video Clip : First Impressions

When we walked up the solid wooden and metal staircase from the inner courtyard to UAK Kafe, we were pleasantly surprised by its modern furnishings, and the cutaway walls and glass doors made the place feel spacious and airy.

There are 5 distinct dining areas :-

  1. A trendy air-conditioned coffee bar which looked liked the set of the popular US TV series Friends; where you can chill over a dessert of ice cream, banana splits, cheesecake, crème broulé, coffee, tea and freshly made fruit juice drinks. The large windows allows for plenty of natural lighting and views of the Federal Highway and the Go Kart track.
  2. Another air-conditioned dining room suited for private functions.
  3. A open air balcony dining area with great views of the Go Karts speeding round the circuits below.
  4. A covered veranda dining area with 5 bench tables overlooking the iconic Batu Tiga Toll Booth.
  5. My favourite is the centre dining area at the top of the entrance staircase which is next to the open kitchen where you can see the display of fresh ingredients and the chefs cooking the orders. In the middle is a long 15 feet wooden dining table, and on one side is a long countertop with barstools and open views. Apparently, this is where a LIVE BAND plays music every Friday & Saturday nights from 8:30pm to 10:30pm. Sounds cool. Watch Video Clip!

My Favourites Dishes


🍕 I love their killa pepperoni beef pizza with generous toppings of cheese and beef pepperonis, and the pizza crust is the Bomb which is not too thick nor too thin. I could eat that everyday!

🍝 Their Aglio Olio Soft Shell Crab spaghetti is just scrumptious full stop.

🍗 The Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce, fresh coleslaw, and french fries is so tantalising.


🍰 Wow! The cheesecake is sinfully good and its hint of orange flavour with bombastic mango sauce topping gives sent my eyes rolling upwards to heavens.


🍉 The freshly made watermelon juice has much natural fructose to give you a refreshingly tasty health drink.

Video Clip : Chicken Chop Vs Sirloin

One downer is the garden salad which is over drenched with overly sweet thousands islands dressing. I would much rather prefer a simple Italian dressing: I’m sure the UAK could accommodate my request if I wanted to make changes to the salad dressing.


Wide, Wide West Choices!

The dining menu is very extensive, and there are so many more delectable local, as well as zinger western dishes to choose from, and I can’t wait to try them all in time. On the western front, there are fish-n-chips, beef/chicken lasagna, T-bone steaks, Lamb Chops and “Pay What You Like” for the Soup Of The Day! I haven’t even mentioned the burgers which will delight the kids when washed down with a milkshake.

Local Twists Dishes

There are several interesting dishes which feature giant river prawns prepared with Nasi Lemak, noodles style or even in creamy butter!

There is even Assam Laksa noodles if you want a tangy dish, plus much more on offer which I can’t recall.

Just Try It 😋



What I look for in an eatery is good-tasting, wholesome food of generous portions for reasonable prices with efficient waiters serving all patrons in a clean, cozy and spacious ambience. What more can I ask for!

⬅️ UAK KAFE Location

Lot No. 16858 (Glenmarie) Seksyen U1, Shah Alam

☎️ For bookings & enquiries, call +60 12 978 6908


Never been seen before blooper!

Readers Comments – “Recommend the keropok lekor for starters,” wrote irwan13th @IG.


Food tasting and Dining experiences are very subjective and can vary greatly from one individual to another, and from one sitting to another.

The views expressed above are based on my personal experience, and they may not necessarily reflect the views of the Restaurant Owner, Other Diners or any other 3rd party.


About Gus Ghani

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