Heavier Penalties For Errant Organiser

Sports Ministry dealt a monumental blow to backyard sports event organisers by increasing the maximum fines – if they fail to apply necessary permits from Sports Commissioner – to RM500,000 from the current RM5,000.

Klang City Marathon will be taken to court by Sports Commissioner, and Minister KJ has advised the Participants to seek a refund for false representation.

Massive Game Changer

The time has finally come to legitimise and enforce proper rules and regulations across the board and make the process of organising sports events MORE TRANSPARENT and give the Participants a proper legal leg to stand on in case any organiser fails to deliver minimum safety requirements and fails to deliver what they promised.

The extra burden of paying for sanction fees to Sports Commissioner (SC) and Sports Agency will make newcomers to Sports Event Management think 10 times before they decide to organise an event, and organisers must demonstrate good management and fiscal records before they can stage any sports event.

In theory, fly-by-night organisers who do not have the necessary resources and expertise will be eliminated in the proposed screening process, and thus reduce the risk of future FAILED EVENTS where the paying Participants are unknowingly being taken for a ride.

This Klang City case is the first of its kind, and its legal outcome will set future precedence.

However, even with such stricter laws in place, there will still be FAILED EVENTS, depending on the enforcement of the law, and donā€™t forget, Malaysia is still Boleh Land!

Eventhough, these newly proposed plans will not be well-received by the small/medium organisers, it is clearly a WIN for Consumer Protection, and hopefully, make Sports Events safer by making the Organisers more accountable for their indiscretions, on purpose or not.

So, the million dollar question is when will these proposals be passed by law, and what will happen to all those sports events that have already started collecting registration fees for events in 3-6 months time and who have NOT applied for a SC Permit?

There are many more detailed questions that need to be answered before anything is laid in concrete. As we have seen in the past, the Government has changed its mind on several proposals before it reaches the final stage of implementation due to many reasons. So, we cannot say for sure, if these current public statements will be another toothless threat for organisers to buck-up, and made for theatrical purposes only, or will this be the day when the Ministry of Sports follow through on its intention until successful completion. After all, election is round the corner, and now is not the time for any Election Candidate to appear weak or indecisive.

If there’s something good to arise from this shameful experience, it should be the improvement in the QUALITY of future commercial sporting events organised by the private sector AND to implement the long overdue Consumer Protection Rights vis-Ć -vis the many Cycling and Running Events nationwide when we sometimes put our lives in the hands of the wrong Organiser for no good reason…


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