D’Italiane Restaurant Food Preview


D’Italiane Restaurant Food Preview

Editor’s Note

Last week, my wife Maryati and I broke fast at D’Italiane. Being fasting month, the restaurant was fully packed, and judging by the haphazard manner in which the ‘mostly-foreign’ waiters served our dishes, it seemed that either there weren’t enough staff and/or the staff were new at their jobs.

Nevertheless, since it was Ramadan, I was willing to overlook the lackluster service as long as the dishes turns-out to be tasty. Find-out the results of my taste-test below.

First Visit

All of the other familiar restaurants in which we wanted​ to dine were fully occupied, so by chance, we took a chance with a never-visited-before Italian joint whose menu looked tantalising enough. After all, it’s difficult to go wrong with traditional Italian food, right?


First Impressions

The exterior and interior decor was in a European cafe chic style with well-spaced dining tables inside and outside.

The Italian menu had a wide variety of entrees, main dishes, desserts and beverages. The prices were not as expensive as a typical fine-dining restaurant, but it was not far behind. Can the quality of food and service justify the menu prices.


This unappealing blob is actually a very tasty artichoke and spinach lasagna

In Reverse Order

We ordered garlic bread, Caesar chicken salad, artichoke and spinach lasagna, as well as the seafood paella. Funnily enough, the waiter served us the main dishes first, followed by the salad, and only halfway through our meal, the garlic bread finally arrived. I guess that the unusually large dining crowd had overwhelmed the kitchen and waiting staff. However, the unsure waiters had offered no explanation at all for the quirky food delivery service. I hardly expect first-class service, but at least, the service must meet the basic minimum requirements like bringing the food in the right sequence.

What About The Food?


Generous helping of lemon slices!

The garlic bread and fried calamari salad was good. The lasagna and paella were delicious, but the former did not look appetising as it was grey in colour. Despite it’s dull appearance,, the creamy lasagna tasted heavenly. The paella had a generous portion of mussels, prawns, octopus and clams, but some may find it too salty, and the rice portion was too small to satisfy my hunger.


Too little rice!

My Verdict

If I happened to be at Paradigm Mall one day, I may go back to D’Italien for the delicious seafood paella and the spinach lasagna, but the next time, I would not give them benefit of the doubt if the service does not come up to scratch, and I would accordingly give them my honest feedback, like it or not….



dessert looks tasty enough


Food tasting and Dining experiences are very subjective and can vary greatly from one individual to another, and from one sitting to another.

The views expressed above are based on my personal experience, and they may not necessarily reflect the views of the Restaurant Owner, Other Diners or any other 3rd party.

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