​🚌 RapidKL BRT Run 2017 Race Review by Happy Runner

​🚌 RapidKL BRT Run 2017 Race Review by Happy Runner

Security Gals

🚝🏃 RapidKL BRT Run 2017

Date | 26 Mar 2017

Venue | Monash U BRT Station

Flag-Off | 2am (Wave 2)

Distance 7km

👥Total Participants 1,500

Route | U Monash🔛SunMed🔛Sunway Lagoon🔛Mentari🔛Setia Jaya

Title Sponsor | Prasarana

Event Organiser | CentriSoh Sales & Marketing

Editor’s Note

Undeniably, the prospects of running 7km on a private elevated bus track for the first time was just too good an opportunity to pass.

Moreover, I was keen to take part in my first running event organised by a new event outfit called CentriSoh Sales & Marketing which was established in 2016 by a band of seasoned runners.

So, after energising myself with a delicious cup of TrueStart Performance Coffee, I made my way to the Sunway race venue for my 2am flag-off. 

↗ 4⃣ Levels Up

Our race venue was a huge bus depot on top of a multi-storey car park which was walking distance from the BRT U Monash Station.

There were plenty of parking lots available at the surrounding shop lots for parking convenience.

Lam (Left) & Law (Right)

⏳ Last Minute Rush

I arrived at the enormous BRT Depot just before midnight and I was faced with a large crowd waiting to collect their race kits. I was guessing this delay in the distribution of race kits was why the first 12am wave was initially postponed by 15 minutes. For this reason, it’s always advisable to let runners collect their race kits before race day. 

Since, I had two hours before my 2am flag-off, I occupied my time chatting with some running buddies, visiting the various vendor booths and talking with several of the uniformed Prasarana officers.

After the first wave runners had left the depot, I collected my kit without any waiting time.

One runner was upset that there was no baggage drop area, and he couldn’t leave his belongings in the car like the others because he came by motorbike. I advised him to leave his belongings with one of the vendor’s booth or with the race officials.

🌊First Wave Drama

Soon after the Emcee had announced that Wave 1 Midnight Flag-Off was delayed by 15 minutes, the enormous Start/Finish Balloon Arch decided to play funny buggers and collapsed to the chagrin of the anxious runners. The Technical Crew immediately sprung into action to fix the problem, and by 12:30am, Encik Azmi Abdul Aziz, Group Managing Director of Prasarana officially flagged-off the first batch of eager runners.

Smooth As Silk

My second wave was flagged-off according to plan. Immediately, I was awestruck by how clean, smooth and well-lit the track was. In fact, I couldn’t remember running on a smoother surface than this one. Wearing shoes seemed pointless on such a perfect surface.

Then, it made me wonder how great it would be if the street below could be as well maintained as this track. Perhaps, I was being delusional due to the lack of sleep 😂

The Perfect Run

It was exciting to be running on a pristine track,and being above the streets and away from the pesky traffic below. 

I was surprised at how much different the atmosphere felt a few stories high – it was much quieter and cooler than being on the street level. The higher atmosphere seemed to be made for running. If a Prasarana senior staff is reading this blog, I would like them to consider opening the track to community runners once-a-month as part of a CSR project because it feels such a waste not to make more use of such a superb facility.

The other advantages to running on the BRT Track is that it is completely safe, and you cannot get lost even if you tried!

During​ the actual run, I remember there were 3 water stations to quench our thirst, and there were enough helpful marshals around to keep an eye on all the runners.

Mr. Lum

Also, I like that there was a 2 hour gap between the 3 wave starts because it allows for non-runners to experience a 7km walk and still finish the course in time.

Watermelon Treat

The juicy and sweet watermelon slices tasted very good after our sweaty workout, and I have to give the organisers special credit for providing ample snacks of fruits, buns, nasi lemak, Isotonic drinks and water for all the Finishers. 

A special shout-out to the Lucky Draw Sponsors, as well as to the @hitzfm Crew for the nice giveaways.

It’s A Keeper

As a runner, I would love to see this RapidKL BRT Run become an annual running event because it has many treats and unique qualities to offer the community and recreational runners which cannot be matched by any other existing events of the same magnitude.

😍 Thanks To RapidKL For Giving Us The Privilege Of Being The First To Run On The Elevated Bus Track.

👏 Congratulations To @centrisohmy on organising a one-of-a-kind running event.

Video Clips

📹 Fixing Balloon Arch

📹 The Drama

📹 Volunteer Dahlan

📹 First Wave

📹 U Monash

📹 Bouncing Along

📹 Stream Of Runners

📹 Lead Runner

📹 Mentari Station


To the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided herein is accurate at the time of publishing and the views expressed are based on my own personal opinions and findings, and they don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Product Manufacturer, Event Organiser or any Third Party unless explicitly specified otherwise.

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