🍜🍔🚚 TTDI Food Truckers by Gus Ghani

​🍜🍔🚚 TTDI Food Truckers by Gus Ghani

Episode | TTDI Food Trucker’s 1st Anniversary

Date | 18 March 2017

Location | Taman Tun Dr Ismail (Near RHB)

Operating Hours | 6pm~11pm, Mon~Sat

Editor’s Note

Not long ago, my wife Maryati and I sampled our first real food truck dining experience at Tapak Urban Street Dining at Jalan Ampang. What We Liked About It? I liked the concept of eating good food with minimum fuss, and Maryati liked the variety of different food types available.

So, Maryati recommended for us to have supper at another similar outdoor eatery called TTDI Food Truckers on a Saturday night…🌙

The Layout

Situated in an open air carpark, TTDI Food Truckers consist up to 15 different food truck vendors surrounding tables and chairs where the patrons could dine under the stars.

There were many parking spaces available along the streets.

First Timer

Since it was my first time, I had a good look around at all the food truck menus before deciding what to order.

Seafood Aglio Olio

In contrast, since Maryati had been there once before, she had already ordered a plate of SEAFOOD AGLIO OLIO from the popular Street Gourmet KL truck whose kitchen was in full swing keeping up with the many orders.

Their other signature dishes are SAYONARA CARBONARA and SICKO CHICKEN PESTO.

Judging by the crowd and the 15 minutes waiting time, Street Gourmet KL has already built-up quite a following after having operated in the same spot since its inception one year ago.

Around The World

Apart from Italian dishes such as spaghetti and pizza, the other interesting food trucks included The Gringos which, as the name suggests, offered some mouth-watering Tex Mex dishes such as Rice Burritos and Nachos.

Laksa Johor

Laksa Oh Laksa

After much deliberation, I finally settled for a hot dish of Laksa Johor which was not only delicious but, with a price tag of RM 8, it was certainly affordable. It was so tasty that Maryati decided to order a Laksa Siam from the same food truck too!

Laksa Siam

Love Umbrella

As it started to drizzle, the staff placed umbrellas over each table. Coincidentally, it was also drizzling when we visited the Tapak Food Trucks. At that time, there were no tables available, so we ended up eating in our car. However, this time, thankfully, we had no trouble finding a table on which we could savour our hot bowls of laksa noodles.

Freedom Of Choice

What I enjoy most about this kind of food truck dining is the freedom to come as you are without any need for formalities, and to be able to choose from a wide range of different cooking styles of the West and East.

Furthermore, the clean and spacious surroundings, and affordability of food truck eateries will always attract patrons who want tasty food at their convenience and budget.

You may be interested in Honey, I Have Shrunk page for more food sharing recommendations.

Drop me a line if you have any recommendations on good eating establishments.

Dragon Fruit Juice

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