​🎈 PIM 2017 Race Review by Happy Runner

​🎈 PIM 2017 Race Review by Happy Runner

🏃 Running Event | Pahang International Marathon 2017 (PIM 2017)
Date | 12th March 2017, Sunday

Flag Off Time | 3:00am – 42 KM, 5:00am – 21 KM, 6:00am – 10 KM, 6:20am – 5 KM, 6:40am

⏳FM Cut-Off Time | 7 Hours

Venue | 🌳Taman Gelora, Kuantan, Pahang

Total Participants | 4,000 (FM=500)

Event Organiser | Monkey Theory 

Editor’s Note

I was excited to join this new marathon event because ;

I wanted to support the first ever Full Marathon in Kuantan🌊

I wanted to see how the Event Organiser, Monkey Theory, coped with the difficult transition from handling the previous Annual Kuantan Half Marathon to a full-fledged FM event

I was invited to run as the 7-hour Pacer/Sweeper

It was my first FM in 2017

Making History
I was pleasantly surprised to see as many as 500 runners taking part in the 42km Category, and many of them had traveled from outstation and Kuala Lumpur. 
Due to the central location of Kuantan, there was a good mix of runners from the North, South, the East Coast, and even from Singapore.

Dennis (far left) & John (far right)

🇰🇪 There were also a handful of Kenyan Marathoners who comfortably secured the top spots under the International Category.

🌖 Early Start
The 3am FM flag-off proved a good decision because it meant less cars on the road to bother the runners, and it reduced the heat exposure for the slower runners.

🌞 Bright Future
I was impressed by the overall management of this inaugural event, and in particular, the welfare of the runners, before, during and after the race were well taken care. This good start to Pahang International Marathon augurs well for its next installment.

The number of quality Full Marathons in Malaysia is too few, and although, every year there are new marathons emerging, only a few can survive beyond the crucial 1st 3 years. Nevertheless, with continued support from the Pahang State Government, the Local Authorities and Event Sponsors, coupled with putting the interest of the runners first, I don’t see any reason why we cannot see PIM developing into a reputable marathon which can annually attract many local and international runners.

👟💨The Tailenders

Henna (in red) was determined to complete her first FM

Running as the 7-hour Pacer, I met many Full Marathon Debutantes. In Kuantan, I met a few FM Maidens who did well to beat the cut-off time. Only 11 Runners missed the cut-off time. There were not many Non-Finishers or DNF which was partly due to the flat course and the less-heaty early start. For those who DNF, it was mostly caused by muscle cramps.

Congratulations to Mohd Nazri who was the fastest in the Men’s Open with a time of 2’47″💨🏃


Biotech USA 
Many thanks to BiotechUSA.my for providing me with their delicious energy bars, energy shot and recovery gel which definitely helped me sustain my energy for 42km. Moreover, I noticed that I didn’t feel as tired this time post-race as usual.

Energy Boosters

🎵AfterShokz Malaysia
To keep me upbeat and in a positive mindset, my Open Ear Trekz Titanium headphones provided the right music beats when I needed it most.

Ever since I was introduced to Compression Socks, Arm Sleeves and Calf Sleeves by ZAMST, I always wear them for marathons and ultra marathons for PROTECTION, PERFORMANCE and RECOVERY.
⌚My Running Stats

Time | 6’45”

Pace | 9:45

🔥 Calories Burnt | 5⃣5⃣0⃣5⃣

Happy Campers

😍 My Race Highlights
✔ 1⃣ First Full Marathon in Kuantan 

✔ 🌳 Taman Gelora is a great race venue

✔ Early 3⃣am Start

✔ Ample Water Stations (every 2.5km) 

✔ Plenty of Water and Isotonic Drinks💧

✔ Good Direction Signages & Helpful Marshals

✔ Quality Dri-Fit Running Vest & Finisher Tee

🔢 Race Kit Collection, Zenith Hotel (11 Mar 2017)

Check-Out My Action Clips

📹 Party Balloons 

📹 Runner William

📹 Final Flurry 

📹 Icy Isotonic 

Post-Race Meal

Special Acknowledgements

💐 Congratulations to all the pioneer runners who participated in this history-making event, and hope to see you at PIM 2018.

BIG THANKS To Boss Delon, Race Director Ming, Monkey Theory crew, the Event Sponsors, Partners, the RELA, And The Kuantan Community for hosting us 👏

Thank you Biotech USA (Malaysia) 😍


To the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided herein is accurate at the time of publishing and the views expressed are based on my own personal opinions and findings, and they don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Product Manufacturer, Event Organiser or any Third Party unless explicitly specified otherwise.

26 hours in Kuantan

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  1. Lee says:

    Nice review! Makes me want to join the 2018 Edition

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