​💪SPARTAN RACE GUIDE Extra by Happy Runner

​💪SPARTAN RACE GUIDE Extra by Happy Runner

Editor’s Note

Tomorrow will witness the first Spartan Race of the 2017 season for Asia at the Semenyih Eco-Venture Resort.

Left: Race Director, David Tully

After having visited the race site and having chatted with Race Director, David Tully, I can safely say that this could well be the best Spartan Race in Malaysia because for the first time, the race venue is surrounded by Mother Nature in one of Selangor’s beautiful greenery of Semenyih where there will be no less than 4 water crossings, some trees providing cooling shade from the expected hot sun, and a new water-based obstacle.

Moreover, this event will include the launching of the NEW & EXCLUSIVE Trifecta Club where all Trifecta Finishers will be given a special pin in order to gain access to a special area opened ONLY to Trifecta Finishers.

On cue, you can expect a tough physical challenge with lots of mud and sweat. As they say, Pain Is Weakness Leaving Your Body 💪🚶

To get you in the mood and perhaps, for the newbies to calm your nerves, here are some of my Personal Tips on how to ‘Race Like A Boss’! 😎

There will be a total of 20+ Obstacles which are scattered over an 8 kilometre route. To wet your appetite, I have video taped and previewed FIVE of the expected obstacles below…


EXCLUSIVE FIRST PEEK at Spartan Race Malaysia’s Brand New Obstacle, and Better Still Score Hot Tips🔥How To Beat It👊


🏊 The newly introduced Swim obstacle will strike fear in the heart of Spartans who are afraid of open water. However, there is no need to panic because ONLY those Spartans who are in the Elite or Competitive Category are given the OPTION to swim the 60m length.

If these Elites & Competitive Spartans decide to swim, then they will need to utilise the WIDER swimming lane on the far left (refer to VIDEO).

For the majority who are in the Open Category, they MUST wear a LIFEJACKET first in order to pull themselves along using the ropes of any of the 3 NARROWER lanes.

To Complete It SWIFTLY & SAFELY, Remember These Pointers :- 

If you are not in the earlier Elite & Competitive Categories, you must wear the lifejacket provided, and don’t enter the wide lane which is reserved for Swimmers Only.

For the Elite & Competitive Spartans, don’t shove, hit or kick other swimmers, and stay inside the far right lane.

Watch-out for a high step just before exiting the water.

There will be race marshals in kayaks monitoring the Participants. If you are in distress, stay calm and call for the nearest marshal by waving your arm in the air. 🙌

Don’t be intimidated by the 60m distance because the water is not deep with maximum depth of only 4-5 feet only.

⤵⤴➡The O.ver U.nder T.hrough (OUT) obstacles are the first and easiest ones which are designed to get your blood flowing before tackling the tougher obstacles ahead.

To Complete It SWIFTLY & SAFELY, Remember These Pointers :- 

For Over, make sure you get a good run-up before throwing yourself over it.

For the Under, you can crawl or roll under it 

For the Through, grab hold the top frame with both hands, before jumping or pulling yourself through it.

✔ The A Frame Cargo obstacle requires good hands & legs coordination. 

To Complete It SWIFTLY & SAFELY, Remember These Pointers :-

Always keep one hand on the net.

Don’t look all the way down.

Climb it as you would a ladder.

Always lean your bodyweight forward towards the netting.

Unless you have exceptionally long legs or on the way down, you should not climb more than one rung at time.

On race day, your hands will be wet and slippery, so you can wear gloves for better grip or grip the netting with both hands.

Before starting your climb, choose a line with the least number of participants for a smoother line.

The hardest part is to get yourself over the peak: As you can see from the video, when I reach the top, I move up & over sideways while reaching my one arm and one leg on the other side first.

✔ The River Crossing obstacle looks simple enough, but watch-out for the strong current and soft mud bottom.

To Complete It SWIFTLY & SAFELY, Remember These Pointers :- 

Grab the rope before you descend the embankment.

Don’t jump in but step down into the water.

If the water current is too strong for you, don’t worry because there is a net downstream, off-camera, to catch you!

🐒 The Multi Rig obstacle is the one that most are dreading for very good reason, and where the BURPEES will be heavily dished out! Remember, Spartans never backs down from a challenge 👊

To Complete It SWIFTLY & SAFELY, Remember These Pointers :- 

Wipe your hands dry before taking this on👋

As soon as one hand grabs the ring, quickly grab it with the other hand too.

Always keep a good swinging momentum throughout the whole obstacle.

The hardest part is transitioning from the fourth ring to the HIGHER (FURTHER) 5⃣th ring. You will need an extra wide swing and jump upwards to reach that devilish 5th ring! 


📖 Read Spartan Race Guide

🚘 Arrive At Race Venue 90 Minutes Before Flag-Off

🔢 Collect Race Number At Registration Counter

 🚗 Parking will be available at Nirvana Memorial Centre opposite

⚠ Don’t Leave Any Cash Or Valuables In Car

💰 Bring Some Cash For Parking & Food

😍 Check-out the Reebok & Spartan Malaysia Merchandise booths

🚑 Help-out any injured or distressed Participants if you can

💫 Do Not Overexert Yourself 

😷 If you are injured, feeling giddy or sick, call-out for a Race Marshal immediately

👮 Respect Race Marshals & Follow Their Instructions At All Times

🚿 Don’t Spend Too Much Time At The Showers

📷 Do Visit The Complimentary Photo Booth


The actual obstacles and procedures may differ on race day at the sole discretion of Spartan Race Malaysia.


Kid Sized ‘A’ Frame Cargo

Spartan Kids form an important part of the Spartan Race Family, and I can envision them having a whale of a time charging through the mini 800m obstacle course which is like a miniature version of the regular one. The elder kids will need to complete 2 loops instead of one.

😘 Big Thanks To Spartan Malaysia For Giving Me The Privilege To Be The 1st Spartan To Test The  New  Semenyih Sprint Course- AROO! AROO!

Credit for deft camerawork goes to GARY 👏

The Ultimate Race For The Human Race!


Good Luck & Have A Blast..!!



“SPARTAN RACE  MALAYSIA  GOES  TO  SEMENYIH SPARTAN  RACE  MALAYSIA  kicks  off  their  2017  TRIFECTA  season  with  the  Spartan  Sprint  (8km  & 20+  Obstacles)  at  the  Semenyih  Eco  Venture  Resort  &  Recreation.  Spirits  are  high  as  over  5000 racers  gear  up  for  the  race  on  12th  of  March  2017. Racers  can  expect  to  receive  newly  designed  2017  medals,  new  and  improved  finisher  shirts now in  dry-tech  material  along  with  a  brand-new  obstacle  –  The  Olympus,  which  was  recently revealed  at  the  2016  Spartan  World  Championships.  The  Semenyih  Sprint  also  sees  the  return of  our  esteemed  sponsors;  Title  Sponsor  Reebok,  Karta  Coconut  Water,  K’a’rcher,  The  Stretch Clinic,  GoPro  and  welcomes  new  sponsors  such  as  the  exclusive  venue  sponsor;  Semenyih  Eco Venture  Resort  &  Recreation,  AirAsia  and  more.   For  the  first  time,  Spartan  Age  Group  Competitors  will  also  be  recognized  during  the  award ceremony.  The  top  male  and  female  finishers  from  the  following  Competitive  Age  Group  will  be presented  with  non-monetary  prizes:  18-24,  25-32,  33-39,  40-49,  50+. Spartan  Managing  Director  for  Asia  Pacific  Michael  Goodwin  said  “We  are  happy  to  be  back  in Malaysia  for  yet  another  well  received  race.  The  venue  is  fantastic  and  racers  can  expect  a challenging  race  with  a  few  surprises!”     “Welcome  to  the  jungle  one  and  all.  Get  ready  for  mud,  water,  more  water  and  lots  more  mud to  get  you  in  the  Spartan  spirit.”  Said  Spartan  Race  Malaysia  Race  Director  David  Tully.  “Dig deep,  find  your  Spartan  courage  and  chase  down  glory!” 2017  Also  brings  the  launch  of  the  Asia  Pacific  Championship  series  with  the  Malaysia  Super  on the  9th  of  July  as  the  third  qualifying  race,  leading  up  to  the  final  Championship  event  to  take place  at  the  end  of  November  in  Australia. Elite  racers  will  be  awarded  points  based  on  their  rankings  from  any  of  the  5  events  of  the Championship  series.  The  top  10  male  and  female  elite  racers,  as  well  as  the  top  3  male  and female  elite  master’s  racers  with  the  most  points  will  walk  away  with  the  grand  prize  money. Each  qualifying  event  will  also  award  prize  money  to  the  top  5  male  and  female  elite  racers,  as well  as  the  top  3  male  and  female  master’s  racers.  The  award-winning  racers  from  the  first  4 qualifying  events  will  also  receive  a  guaranteed  spot  in  the  final  event  of  the  APAC Championship  series  –  The  Australia  Beast. Spartan  Race  is  the  world’s  largest  obstacle  race  and  endurance  brand  and  the  first  of  its  kind  to feature  timing  and  global  rankings.  With  more  than  200  events  in  30+  countries  in  2017, Spartan  Race  has  more  than  1  million  global  participants,  and  offers  open  heats  for  all  fitness levels  as  well  as  competitive  and  elite  heats.  With  more  than  5  million  passionate  social  media followers,  health  and  wellness  products,  as  well  as  a  popular  US  television  series,  Spartan  Race has  made  obstacle  racing  one  of  the  fastest  growing  sports—and  lifestyles—  in  the  world. Spartan  Race  features  races  at  three  distances,  5+Kilometer/20+  Obstacle  “Sprint,”  13+ Kilometer/25+  Obstacle  “Super”  and  20+  Kilometer/30+  Obstacle  “Beast,”  culminating  each year  in  the  Reebok  Spartan  Race  World  Championship.  Visit  www.spartanrace.my  for  more information,  a  schedule  of  events  in  Malaysia,  and  to  register  for  a  race…”

4,000L of water for the Participants!


To the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided herein is accurate at the time of publishing and the views expressed are based on my own personal opinions and findings, and they don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Product Manufacturer, Event Organiser or any Third Party unless explicitly specified otherwise.

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