🏃💪Spartan Race Malaysia Mass Workout

​🏃💪Spartan Race Malaysia Mass Workout

Event | Spartan Race Malaysia Mass Workout

Date | 26 Feb 2017, 7am~9am

Venue | Victoria Institution, KL

Turnout | 78 Spartans🙌

Organiser | Spartan Malaysia

Technical Partner | Rebel Boot Camp


When I joined 10,000 Participants for Malaysia’s inaugural Spartan Race on the weekend of 10-10-2015, to coincide with the launch of Hari Sukan Negara, I was instantly captivated by this unique event which had challenged my body, mind and spirit. 

To be a true Spartan, one needs not only some degree of physical strength, but equally important, one needs to display the important characteristic of every worthy Spartan, that of the ‘Spartan Grit’.

What Is The Spartan Grit?

Well, it consists of the following 4⃣ key principles :-


Well, it is about banding together with your fellow Spartans – family, friends and strangers – and overcoming the specially-made obstacles  which are purposely built to test your mental and physical strength. 


It’s about tapping into your inner strength and battling against the inner demons of self-doubt and fear. After completing the course, every Finisher is overcome by a powerful feeling of personal satisfaction and self-empowerment.


It’s about unselfishly helping fellow Spartans who are in trouble, and making sure no one is left behind. This principle of brotherhood is what binds together the growing legions of Spartans across the globe in over 120 countries.


Spartan Races, like any sport, you will need a basic level of fitness and some specialised skills to successfully complete the challenging obstacle course, and avoid unwanted injuries.

To help the Participants prepare for the upcoming Semenyih Sprint, Spartan Malaysia in partnership with ‘Rebel Boot Camp’ had organised a Mass Workout at Victoria Institution in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.


Around 8am, 78 eager Spartans gathered on the playing field where RD Dave welcomed and gave us an update on the upcoming Semenyih Sprint. Interestingly, Dave mentioned that the Semenyih will have 4 water crossings, plus there will be a special area at the race venue for the exclusive use of Trifecta Finishers who will be given a distinguishing pin during race day registration. 

Tough Trio

Then, Dave selected 3 die-hard Spartan fans for a Burpees Challenge, and afterwards, all 3 Challengers were rewarded with Spartan Malaysia goodie bag as prizes for their feisty efforts. 


➡ Dave’s Briefing ➡ Burpees Challenge


Rebel Boot Camp Head Coach Jason (Far Right)

The Rebel Boot Camp Team, led by Senior Coach Jonathan, orchestrated a wonderful workout session which left us fully energised.

We started with a much needed 15 minutes warm-up drill to shake-off any Sunday morning sleepiness by jogging and stretching.

Then, we were grouped in Teams of 9 members, and for the next 90 minutes, each team executed 20 different exercises designed to work the total body under the instructions and watchful eyes of the 4 helpful Fitness Coaches.

We had one water-break in between the jumping, the crawling, and doing all the heart-pumping drills.

➡ The Cast ➡ The Teams ➡ Team Mates


Rebel Boot Camp conducted a highly commendable session, and on hindsight, what I liked about it were :-

✔ The Instructions were delivered audibly, and they were simple to follow.

✔ The Coaches were always encouraging, but firm.

✔ Space and Time were well-used with smooth transition from one exercise station to the next.

✔ The exercise drills were challenging, but doable even by the weaker Participants.


➡ Workout-In-Progress ➡ Performing Drills ➡ Feeling Energised ➡ Cooling Down


It was my first time meeting with the dedicated and jovial members of the Spartan Malaysia Team.

I took this opportunity to learn more about their exciting plans, and high aspirations for the Malaysia scene.

Shukor (Left) & Husin (Centre)

Finally, I met-up with FB Contest Winner Husin and his younger brother, Shukor, who both won a free slot each for Semenyih Sprint courtesy of Spartan Malaysia. Remembering how excited I was just prior to my first Spartan Race, I wished them a good start to their new Spartan Race experience come 12 March 2017.

Shamsul (L) & Gary (R)

Special shout-out goes to Spartan Newbies Shamsul, Munir and the fun-loving TTDI-gang who looked like they would all fit well into our ever growing Spartan Race Malaysia family.


➡ Bros Husin & Shukor ➡ Maiden Murni Race Director Insights



Congratulations to all the Participants who sacrificed their Sunday sleep-in to workout. Come Race Day, remember that this totally new course will pose the same challenges to a first-timer, as it would an elite racer. 🍀Good Luck!

Race Director David Tully (Far Right)

🇲🇾Thank you to Spartan Malaysia for graciously allowing me to cover this event. I hope that you continue to successfully uphold the true Spartan Race traditions in sunny Malaysia for many, many more years to come🌞

Thank you to the Rebel Boot Camp Coaches who took pity on us, and cut us a little slack during the strenuous workout – You Rock💪


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To the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided herein is accurate at the time of publishing and the views expressed are based on my own personal opinions and findings, and they don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Product Manufacturer, Event Organiser or any Third Party unless explicitly specified otherwise.

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