​🚵🗻Mount Jerai Switchback Ride 2017 – Event Preview

​🚵🗻Mount Jerai Switchback Ride 2017 – Event Preview


🚴 Cycling Event | Mount Jerai Switchback Ride 2017

DATE | 02 April 2017 (Sunday)

VENUE | Mount Jerai, Kedah


BIKE TYPE | Road Bike & MTB

FLAG-OFF | 08:00am

ORGANISER | Nich Malaysia



TWIN RUNNING EVENT | Mount Jerai Switchback Run 2017 on 1st April 2017!!


Admittedly, I have a soft spot for amazing Kedah and her gentile communities. Each time, I visit Kedah, the sight of Mount Jerai towering 1200m over the surrounding rice paddy fields, never fails to capture my imagination.

So, when I heard that Nich Malaysia was organising a run up Mount Jerai, the idea caught my attention. However, the thought of traveling all the way to Kedah for just a 12km run seemed like too much hard work.

Then, when I further learnt that on the very next day, Nich Malaysia was also organising a ride up Mount Jerai, my first thought was, “Now, that’s more like it!”. After that, I quickly signed-up for both back-to-back events as I was determined to make my first trip to Mount Jerai worthwhile and jam-packed with excitement.

📹 Official Sneek Peak



✔Dry Fit Event Tee

✔Swag Bag


✔Best Panoramic Views

✔ Relaxing Highland Resort

✔ Beautiful Natural Surroundings & Fresh Air

✔ New & Unique Event

✔ Intense Cardiovascular Workout

✔ Excuse to eat scrumptious Kedah cooking

✔ Visit Kedah Cultural & Historical Sites


Q1. Why Did You Decide To Hold A Back2Back Running & Cycling Event?

RD Isnie: “We are staging 2 different events over 2 days as we wanted to give the opportunity to both Runners and Cyclists to unite in a common challenge.”

Q2. What Are Your Primary Objectives Of Staging These 2 Events?

RD Isnie: “We decided to hold both events to comprehensively promote both cycling and running to locals and visitors, as well as highlight the spectacular Gunung Jerai.

Q3. What Makes This Venue Special?

RD Isnie: “Definitely, the steep switchbacks or hairpin route to the top.” (He said with a sinister grin.)

Q4. What Can Participants Look To?

RD Isnie: Participants will be able to run or cycle in a very shady, green, cooling and refreshing environment, besides the challenging journey up to the top.

Q5. What Kind Of People Should Join These Events?

RD Isnie: “We feel that this event should appeal to all runner and cyclist who love nature and new challenge, regardless if they are elites or amateurs.”

Q6. Will There Be Timing Chip For Both Events?

RD Isnie: “Only cycling🚴”

Q7. Where Do You Recommend To Stay For Outstation Participants?

RD Isnie: “The Regency Jerai is our Venue Partner, and there are also hotels and homestays available nearby to suit your budget.”


🏤Where? Lobby of Museum Wan Mat Saman 

⏳When? Friday, 31 March 2017, 10am-6pm and Saturday, 1 April 2017, 3pm-7pm

Registration Closing Date⏩12 March 2017 





Recently, I invested in a Garmin GPS Running Watch (Forerunner 235) because I wanted a wrist-based heart rate monitor. 

Keeping constant tabs on your heart condition could be the difference between Life and Death whenever you are exercising, and more so for Runners and Cyclists whose heart rate are often maxed-out.

For this tough hill climb 1,200m to the peak of Mount Jerai, I will maintain my heart rate below my recommended maximum threshold.

How To Calculate Your Maximum HR (Heart Rate)?

⌨Deduct your Age from 220 and multiply the figure by “0.9”. 

For example, if you’re 30-years old, then your Recommend Maximum HR  = (220-30) x 0.9

= 190 x 0.9 = 171 bpm (beat per minute).

Note that for a fit person, the Maximum HR Threshold could me more.

If unsure, stick to the recommended rate or consult your physician.

Did You Know?

Wan Man Saman Aqueduct or Terusan Wan Man Saman is the longest aqueduct in Malaysia. The total length is 36 km, connecting Sungai Kedah at Alor Star to Gurun in the south of Kedah. It was built between 1885 and 1896 at the order of Menteri Besar of Kedah at the time, Wan Mat Saman. The structure enables Kedah to boost its rice production and through it, enables Kedah to earn the nickname “Malaysia’s rice bowl”.


👟💨Visit Top Museums In Kedah





😄 Event Organiser promised to provide GPS Coordinates for Start Line & address for Museum Wan Mat Saman at the time of posting.

😄 No more rooms available at Regency Jerai.


To the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided herein is accurate at the time of publishing and the views expressed are based on my own personal opinions and findings, and they don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Product Manufacturer, Event Organiser or any Third Party unless explicitly specified otherwise.

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