​MPI GENERALI RUN 2017 – Graduation

​MPI GENERALI RUN 2017 – Graduation

Editor’s Note

The sixth annual community run of MPI Generali is happening at Padang Merbok on 8 January 2017. This a proven quality mid-sized running event, and traditionally, it will be the first official run of the New Year for many of the 4,000 registered runners.

Over the past 4 months, the running community was invited to participate in 4 training sessions called ‘My First Run Clinic’ which were held at Sri Hartamas.

 The last running clinic session (Graduation Run) was held on 10th December 2016, and at the end, all of the participants were treated to a hearty breakfast. Read the official statement below for more information on the Graduation Run.

Another important aspect of this session was that it also marked the first collection date for preloved shoes and t-shirts to be donated to the Orang Asli Community under a CSR initiative named Project Good Deeds. Read the official statement below for more information on Project Good Deeds.
I managed to giveaway only 12 of my Running Tees because earlier in the year, I had already donated 40 Tees to the homeless in Kuala Lumpur. 

Nevertheless, it does not matter how many preloved stuff that you can give, nor do you have to be a registered participant. Plus it doesn’t even have to be ‘running’ shoes and t-shirts to be accepted. The satisfaction of giving to a worthwhile cause and at the same time, help save our environment, is PRICELESS. So, please donate what items that you can by going to the following Collection Points at the date and time stipulated below.


1st Collection (Graduation Run)

10 Dec 2016 – Sri Hartamas, 7:30am-9:30am

2⃣nd Collection (Race Entry Collection)

5-7 Jan 2017 – Sports Hub, Lot 10 Shopping Mall, 12pm to 5pm

3⃣rd Collection (Race Day)

8 Jan 2017 – Padang Merbok, 6am to 11am

📹Live Video Clips 

Project Good Deeds

Where To Donate

Class Of 2017

Running Speaker Yew Kuay

Loyal Runner Ariff

My First Run Clinic wrapped up with Graduation Run Guest speaker YK Lim shared on the winning mindset Session ended with Graduation Breakfast.
Kuala Lumpur – MPI Generali Insurans Berhad last Saturday wrapped up its My First Run Clinic programme for the year with Graduation Run at Sri Hartamas large playground. The general insurer organises the clinic programme as a complement to its annual community run, MPI Generali Run, to help amateur runners and participants learn more about the healthy activity and how to do it correctly.

For all four sessions this year, My First Run Clinic features avid casual athlete YK Lim as guest speaker and product sharing from clinic partners Pilatique Studio, Garmin Malaysia, 2XU Malaysia and Hammer Nutrition.   
YK started Graduation Run by sharing about the winning mindset before the participants broke into three loops of practice run. 

Upon returning to the playground, Hammer Nutrition enlightened the participants on proper fuels and supplements for endurance athletes. The session ended on a celebratory note with Graduation Breakfast.  

The first collection of Project Good Deeds was also made during the session. The CSR initiative seeks to reduce the impact caused by solid waste on the environment by collecting pre-loved sports shoes and tees from MPI Generali Run’s participants.  The collected shoes and tees would be donated to the Orang Asli community, with this year’s collection going to Kampung Orang Asli Bakar Leleh Bumbum, Pulau Carey, Selangor; Kampung Orang Asli Pulau Carey, Selangor; Kampung Orang Asli Batu Semenyih, Selangor; and Kampung Orang Asli Sebir, Negeri Sembilan.  
The sixth annual community run of MPI Generali is happening at Padang Merbok on 8 January 2017. After My First Run Clinic, the general insurer hopes the participants will be more prepared for the Race!  


MPI Generali Insurans Berhad (“MPI Generali”), formerly known as Multi-Purpose Insurans Bhd, is a strategic partnership between Multi-Purpose Capital Holdings Berhad, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of MPHB Capital Berhad, a public-listed company, and Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A., one of the largest global insurance providers with a rich heritage going back to 1831. MPI Generali Insurans Berhad’s core business is underwriting of general insurance.

MPI  Generali  Run  is  an  annual  run  designed  to  help  the  community  get  healthier together.  Kickstarting  the  local  running  calendar  since  2012,  MPI  Generali  Run  has established  a  reputation  as  a  well-organised  and  punctual  event  with  well-designed  run routes  as  well  as  a  strong  following  comprising  both  new  and  seasoned  runners. MPI  Generali  Insurans  is  proud  to  position  itself  as  the  pioneer  general  insurer  in organising  a  community-based  run  in  Malaysia  and  including  the  run  in  its  CSR programme.   The  theme  of  Healthy  Lifestyle  –  Work-Life  Balance  remains  a  relevant  theme  in  today’s   hectic  and  more  sedentary  lives.   MPI  Generali  Run  2017  is  the  sixth  in  the  general  insurer’s  run  series  and  will  take  place on  8  January  2017  at  Padang  Merbok,  Jalan  Parlimen,  Kuala  Lumpur.  Its  sponsors  and partners  include  New  Balance  (Official  Apparel),  100  Plus  (Official  Isotonic),  Pacific Regency  (Hotel  Partner),  Running  Malaysia  (Media  Partner  –  Magazine),  KPJ Healthcare  (Medical  Partner),  Affin  Hwang  Capital,  BP  Healthcare  Group,  Mamee,  2XU, Magnum,  Nestlé  Fitnesse,  Nestlé  Milo,  Pilatique,  Garmin,  Leong  Adjustment  Sdn.  Bhd., Massimo  and  Simply  Juice.


Project  Good  Deeds  collects  pre-loved  sports  shoes  and  tees  to  be  donated  to  the Orang  Asli  community.  As  a  corporate  social  responsibility  initiative  that  has complemented  MPI  Generali  Run  since  2014,  it  seeks  to  promote  environmental sustainability  through  recycling  and  provide  an  avenue  for  Run  participants  to  contribute back  to  the  environment  and  community. To  date,  Project  Good  Deeds  has  donated  723  pairs  of  sports  shoes  and  2,772  pieces  of tees  to  10  kampungs,  namely  Kampung  Orang  Asli  Bakok,  Kampung  Orang  Asli  Bukit Damar,  Kampung  Orang  Asli  Bukit  Jenuk,  Kampung  Orang  Asli  Sungai  Lalang, Kampung  Orang  Asli  Sungai  Mai,  Kampung  Orang  Asli  Ulu  Yam,  Kampung  Orang  Ali  Air Terentang,  Kampung  Orang  Asli  Bukit  Baja,  Kampung  Orang  Asli  Tanjung  Rampai  and Kampung  Orang  Asli  Ulu  Tual  Pos  Sinderut. This  time  round,  Project  Good  Deeds  will  benefit  Kampung  Orang  Asli  Bakar  Leleh Bumbum,  Pulau  Carey,  Selangor;  Kampung  Orang  Asli  Pulau  Carey,  Selangor; Kampung  Orang  Asli  Batu  Semenyih,  Selangor;  and  Kampung  Orang  Asli  Sebir,  Negeri Sembilan.
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To the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided herein is accurate at the time of publishing and the views expressed are based on my own personal opinions and findings, and they don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Product Manufacturer, Event Organiser or any Third Party unless explicitly specified otherwise.

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