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Editor’s Note 

If you’re looking to join Virtual Ride, then I recommend this one because the Team at Cycling run a tight ship, dispensing a reliable and efficient service to their registered virtual riders. Moreover, knowing that part of the proceeds will go to a worthwhile charity makes it a sweet ride🚴

Of course, it is highly plausible that you may not even know what a ‘virtual ride’ is! If you want to know what it’s all about, the Frequently Asked Questions below should give you a good idea.

Incidentally, I joined the VR 2016 October/November Edition because RM10 from each participant will be going to my favourite NGO, PEKA. For my troubles, I had received a snazzy glow-in-dark medal (see photo above).


A cycling event without physical date & location. 

First of all, we are excited to bring to you a brand new concept of a cycling event in Malaysia. While the concept is totally new in Malaysia, in the U.S. however, it has been there for quite some time.

What is a Virtual Charity Ride?

Put it in simple terms, A virtual charity ride is a cycling charity event without a physical date and physical location. Riders from anywhere can support the charitable cause by registering for the event and cycle the distance preset by the organiser, anywhere and anytime at their convenience.

Why do this instead of a ‘normal’ charity ride?

While a traditional charity ride promotes healthy lifestyle and create awareness for charitable causes, the monetary costs involved in organising such physical event (infrastructure setup, man power and etc) are high and sometimes not justifiable. A Virtual Ride can avoid all these unnecessary costs, so that these funds can be channeled into a much more useful mean – to the charitable cause itself.

Besides, without a physical location and date, there are no physical boundaries. More riders throughout Malaysia can join for the ride and contribute to the charitable causes, at the same time create an even bigger awareness of the charity cause. From a rider’s point of view, no physical location means riders need not to bear the travelling or accommodation costs of participating in an event. 

How does a Virtual Charity Ride work?

Before a Virtual Charity Ride commences, we will announce the charity cause or charity organisation that we are working with. We will try to make it as clear as possible where the funds collected are allocated to (in which project, which particular individual and etc). 

The registration for the ride will normally open for 2 month period. During this period you register a Virtual Charity Ride like a normal cycling event on, and then ride the distance set by us (normally 20-30KM). You may ride more than the preset distance, but not less. You can choose to ride anywhere, whether its on-road or off-road, and anytime, whether its day or night. You may even consider to submit the distance that you have cycled for other events to us. 

Once you have done the distance, submit your proof to us and we will courier the finisher medal of the ride to you. 

How to prove that I have cycled the distance set by

To prove that you have cycled the preset distance, you can use a Cycling Mobile App to record your distance and send to us. We generally prefer 2 types of Mobile Apps for the ride record: 1. Strava  2. Map My Ride

However, if you use any Mobile App other than the two mentioned above, we are happy to accept as long as we can clearly identify that you have cycled that distance.

To submit you ride record, you can copy and paste your ride link URL to our Virtual Charity Ride Facebook Group and write your name and the Charity Ride that you are joining. 

What is the funding allocation of the fees?

We normally allocate RM10.00 – RM15.00 from each participant fee to the charity cause, depending on the number of participants (the higher the participation rate, the lower the costs per medal, the more we can allocate for charity). The balance is to cover the medal production costs, medal courier and delivery to riders, transaction costs in event registration, and administrative costs in handling the administrative work of the event (mainly for distance verification & medal packing before delivery to riders)

How long do I have to wait for my finisher medal to arrive?

Your medal will arrive approximately 30days after the registration closing period of the Virtual Charity Ride. 

The reason why it takes so long is that we only place orders with our suppliers after registration closes. We make sure that the number of medals that we order is exactly what is needed, so that we don’t overspend and can channel the most funding to the charitable cause. 

Who can join a Virtual Charity Ride?

Whoever that wants to cycle and work out some sweat! 

In general, anyone can join the ride. For those who are new to cycling, not able to cycle long distance yet, or not ready to ride in a mass cycling event, this ride is definitely the most suitable for you. We set our distance in particular to be between 20-30KM to be eligible for the finisher medal, so that its achievable for the newbies as well. 

For seasoned riders, we are more than happy if you cycle a Century Ride to submit your Ride Record. The more the merrier!

How frequent will organise Virtual Charity Ride?

Our plan is to make Virtual Charity Ride a bi-monthly event. We will identify and work with different charity partners to promote and raise awareness of a particular cause. It could be for natural disaster relief donation, or for a particular individual in need, or for an NGO to raise fund for a project and etc. 

Are the participant fees paid for Virtual Charity Ride tax deductible?

Unfortunately no. We are not registered as a Tax Deductible N.G.O. in The Registry of Societies Malaysia, therefore are not eligible for tax deduction on the donation received.

Join our VCR Community at our Facebook Group.

For enquiries regarding the Virtual Charity Ride, please feel free to contact us: Office : +603-7497 3227 (Mon-Fri 9-6PM) Email:

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