NEW Event: Ariani Hijab Run 2016

Date: 22-OCT-2016

Venue: Jakel Mall, Kuala Lumpur 

Distance: 5km

Title Sponsor: Ariani

Organiser: The Marathon Company (TMC) who also brought to you Stroller Run 2015, Onesie Runsie 2015, Ice Watch Light Up The Night Run 2015.

Total Participants: 3,000

👍👍My Verdict: A Groundbreaking Event With BIG VALUE 

Editor’s Note 

I am no expert in Hijab Fashion, but nevertheless, I was looking forward to join a maiden running event which is sponsored by the high street fashion retailer, Ariani. It’s always interesting to see how the organiser and sponsor will showcase the Ariani Hijab brand, and at the same time, stage a good fun run which meets the expectations of the participants. 

No doubt, the idea of organising a running event specifically for women and women who wear Hijabs is brilliant, and I was keen to see firsthand how this new untold story would unfold.

Outstanding Goodies 

On top of the usual event dri-fit Tee, and a medal for all finishers, every participant was given a fashionable Ariani headscarf, water bottle, sling bag and some women essentials. This kind of giveaways are tastefully designed and practical which the participants can really appreciate. The thought which Ariani had put into the runner’s entitlement gave me a good first impression of the inaugural Ariani Hijab Run.

For the first 1,000 registrants, they had received an additional limited edition headscarf with the words, “Ariani Hijab Run 2016” on it. 

🌟Celebrity Star Power 

By the time I had arrived at the Jakel Mall venue, there was a huge crowd of Hijab-dorning Runners which had already gathered in the Starting Pen. The Saturday morning air was mild, and filled with the booming voices of celebrity Emcees Fara Farhana and the comical Dee addressing the crowd.

👸The entrance of popular singer and Ariani Brand Ambassador Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza excited the crowd and her fans. Siti was wearing a  fashionably sporting outfit, and she wished all the runners well. Admittedly, I was disappointed that Siti was not joining the run, but after the run, she had warmed our hearts with a few of her hit songs.

The flag-off was delayed a few minutes, but being such a short 5km run, it was no big deal. When the starter horn blared, I shot off to the front of the pack to film the leading runners.

Saturday Morning 

The drizzle of rain earlier had brought cooling temperatures which certainly made our run more comfortable.

As I joined the steady stream of Hijab Runners cutting through the cordoned-off streets of KL, it struck me how much more beautiful our city is without the usual head-pounding din of motorcars and irritating motorbikes clogging up the roads.

🏃Smooth Route

I really enjoyed running freely through the familiar Jalan Raja Laut, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Ampang, Lorong Pinang, and passing the majestic KLCC towers whose sight always fills me with positive national pride and lifts my spirits.

I was really impressed by the way the traffic police and road marshals ensured our route was totally absent of cars, and we were lucky to be in such good hands. Moreover, the boys and girls at the water station did a fabulous job to keep the runners cheerful.

No Different

Until that morning, I had not really noticed that there were so many enthusiastic Hijab Runners in town. I used to think that wearing Hijab made them feel different, but now I believe that what Hijab Runners can achieve is not despite of the Hijab, it is BECAUSE OF IT! 

If this event achieved nothing else, it made people like me respect more the rights of individuals, and of women in particular, to wear whatever they please without passing any judgement. After all, I like to think that we live in a country which is all-embracing and one which everyone can contribute to her success equally. I could even go as far as to say that such women-friendly events as Ariani Hijab Run help to empower women and give them the attention that they deserve. We don’t need to ask for anything more than that, surely.

💰Pay Day 

For a fun run, the prize money of RM 5,000, RM4,000, RM3,000, RM2,000, RM1,000 for the top 5 women runners was very generous!

🍌Splendid Spectacle

Upon crossing the finish line, the glowing runners were handed their medal, a banana and mineral water.

I suspect most of the women runners were between 30 to 50-years old, and some ran along with their children, husbands and friends. There was even a father who ran and pushed his daughter in a stroller for 5km. Although, I was part of a small contingent of men joining this event, I never felt out of place or uncomfortable. On the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I had enjoyed an event which was not created for guys like me.

☕Runners queued-up for the free cup of Vico, and they waited at the instant photo booth where they could pose with various fun props.

🎤As part of the closing ceremony, the crowd gathered to listen and sing along with the talented Dato’ Siti. It was a befitting end to a most enjoyable outing, even for a fly guy…


1. Starting Pen

2. Dato’ Siti Pumps The Crowd

3. Project Director Hafiz & Flag-Off 

4. In Full Flight 

5. Cheery Water Station Volunteers 

6. Crossing Main Intersection 

7. Final Stretch 

8. Benz, The Marathon Company 

9. Vico Van

10. Instant Photo Booth

11. Siti Sings 

12. It’s A Wrap

📷For more exclusive photos, refer to “Ariani Hijab Run 2016” photo album on Happy Runner page.


To the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided herein is accurate at the time of publishing and the views expressed are based on my own personal opinions and findings, and they don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Product Manufacturer, Event Organiser or any Third Party unless explicitly specified otherwise.

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