​AfterShokz Dinner Party

​AfterShokz Dinner Party

Trekz Titanium
I was ecstatic and honoured to be selected as an Ambassador of AfterShokz Malaysia recently. Since I received my cool pair of Trekz Titanium Open Ear Music Headphones, about two months ago, I have tested it out under Wet, Sweaty and Actual Race Conditions. 

Check-out my test review HERE!

My Verdict
I would describe AfterShokz Titanium Trekz as my ultimate MUSIC COMPANION which BEST FITS my Active and Sporting Lifestyle. These babies are Lightweight, Functional & Rugged, and it’s COOL Design means that they blend tastefully with my running or cycling apparel. The end result is Looking Good and Feeling the Good Vibrations!

Grand Entrance 
On the night of 23rd September 2016, all the AfterShokz Ambassadors were invited to Dinner by DistExpress who are the company responsible for bringing the AfterShokz Brand to these shores. DistExpress is lead by the affable Deric with his capable team members who are young and zesty. I only know their senior member Tee who is their “Advertising/Commercial Go-To-Guy”, from our earlier dealings with Brooks, and it was a pleasure to meet for the first time, such a positively-charged, team behind AfterShokz Malaysia. In fact, from the get-go, our hosts had made us feel so welcoming and special. At the front of Tom, Dick & Harry’s eatery, there was a huge poster on which the Ambassadors had signed their names. While putting my signature on it, I felt like a special VIP guest at a red carpet gala event, especially with the paparazzi busily taking shots of our grand entrance. 

Then, I was introduced to The Boss, Deric Seah. 
“Although, I have not met you before, Gus, I have seen you many times on Facebook!” – he declared cheerfully.
Before I have even entered the bar, the larger-than-life welcome that I had received by the hosts at the entrance, left me with a marvelous first impression which helped set the mood for the rest of the evening.

Mixology Merriment 
Our merry party had occupied two-thirds of the popular Tom, Dick & Harry’s at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. In the mix, there were athletes and AfterShokz dealers and partners such as the ICON (Online Retailer), The Marathon Shop and Running Malaysia. I recognised a few familiar faces who were regulars in the Running, Cycling and Triathlon communities. 

We were all happily mingling and chatting over free-flow beers and fruit juices. The accompanying food was tasty and abundant. It was a great opportunity for the Ambassadors to meet each other face-to-face, as well as to get to learn more about the AfterShokz Brand and their activities in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Appreciation Awards
We got a sneak peek of the newly launched Trekz Mini which is a smaller version of the hot-selling Trekz Titanium headphones. Good news for those of petite athletes with small heads and big brains! In the end, there is no escaping the fact that size really matters….HAHAHA!!!

What we never expected that evening was the surprise award ceremony. One by one, each Ambassador was called up to centre stage to collect their individual personalised plaque as a mark of appreciation for our continued support of an amazing gadget which allows people to safely mix their Passion for Sports with their Love of Music. What a potent and irresistible mix! Now, I can really take my music EVERYWHERE..!!!

After Care
Again, I cannot thank AfterShokz Malaysia enough, for entrusting me with the prestigious role of Ambassador which is a position I am relishing every day because after all, what is life without love and music…

📷Photos by DistExpress & Gus Ghani
For more uncensored photos, search for “AfterShokz Dinner Party” Album on Happy Runner Page.

Video Archive 

‘No Commercials’ Mr. Tee Playing Cupid

Introducing Trekz Mini 

Suresh Kumar and Deric

Collecting Appreciation Award

Taking It To Bed

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