​Asean Unity Run And Ride 2016

​Asean Unity Run And Ride 2016


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Editor’s Note 

The older I get, the more I realise how difficult it is to maintain peace and harmony in society. We used to take peace for granted. However, as our society grows more complex and as we become more interconnected with each other, it is obvious that peace cannot be upheld unless every citizen is willing and able to respect each other’s different cultures, customs, races and of course, not forgetting human rights. Keeping Peace and Harmony starts in our homes, in our neighborhood, in our cities, and in our country. We can only be a peacemaker if we are at peace with ourselves first. To do my small part, I try my best to support  any peace-promoting organisations and any causes which promote and protect peace for you, me and all of Mankind. Even individuals, there’s plenty we can still do to support Global Peace such as setting a good example to others, and by joining events such as this Asean Unity Run And Ride 2016 (AURR 2016). Read on and find-out how you can make a difference and have fun too… 


Date                  : 6 November 2016 (Sunday) Time           Gathering Time  : 7.00am onwards …Flag-Off : 8.00am

Venue              : Dataran Putrajaya, Presint 3, 

Putrajaya Registration Closing Date: 11.55pm on 13th October 2016 or upon reaching 10,000 participants.


RUN WITH KJ – “Sporting events such as this can have a tremendous unifying factor as they transcend all possible barriers. I wish the ASEAN Unity Run & Ride 2016 to be a success and to meet all of the objectives set by AMAN Malaysia,” said YB Encik Khairy Jamaluddin

PEACE SEEKERS – “Last year’s ASEAN Unity Run 2015 was a very successful event, fostering great ties and unity within the community and the ASEAN region. Our main objective this year is to elevate Malaysia as a peace loving society, use this platform to call all Malaysians and beyond to stand united. In addition to that, working with UNICEF this year would help us to raise awareness on the importance of vaccination for children and babies, as I believe saving one’s life starts from somewhere,” said Dato’ Mohamed Hazali Bin Abu Hassan, President of Aman Malaysia.

SECOND EDITION – This is the second series after the success of last year’s event, held in conjunction with Asean month and officiated by the Prime Minister of Malaysia on August 8 2015. The Youth and Sports Minister, the International Trade and Industry Minister, Asean ambassadors joined 10,000 participants from 20 countries on 5K run . Other categories which was the 10K Run and the 21K Half-Marathon also being quite popular . 

RUNNING, CYCLING AND STROLLING – For this series, aside from the traditional 5K and 10K runs, the increasingly popular cycling has been included in the event due to high demand from youths and young professionals .  Cyclists could ride through 35km while enjoying the picturesque sights of Putrajaya on a Sunday morning. Meanwhile, our favourite category amongst the mummies , daddies and babies – the ‘Stroller-Run’ – will be continued. 

RUNNING FOR A GOOD CAUSE – This year, Aman Malaysia will again work together with UNICEF Malaysia .  The focus would be a campaign to raise awareness, especially amongst parents, on the importance of vaccinations to babies and children. UNICEF is the largest global scaled NGO that consistently champions the importance of child immunisations, through a series of awareness campaigns all over the world with special attention on Third World Countries. As parents, it is a non-negotiable responsibility to ensure our children go through vaccinations to protect them from preventable diseases such as Polio, Measles, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Tuberculosis,  Pneumonia, Hepatitis B and others. In fact, we owe our children to make sure they are safe from these life-threatening and life-debilitating diseases that are preventable. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates the lives of almost 3 million children around the world may be saved every year with immunisations. Together with UNICEF , AMAN Malaysia will lead a series of campaigns and talks in September and October this year , in the build up of our Asean Unity Run & Ride 2016 , with the cooperation of the Prime Minister’s Department, the Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. Question and answer sessions will be held on vaccines and vaccinations with the public from health and religious experts. 

TAKE A STAND – Let’s all join YB Khairy Jamaluddin, local and regional personalities and celebrities on Sunday, Nov 6 2016 at Putrajaya for the Asean Unity Run & Ride 2016. Let us all unite for the future of our children.


 Gathering Time: 7:00am | Flag-Off: 8:00am 

Maximum Runners (A-to-D) = 4,500 

Maximum Runners (E) = 3,000 

Maximum Runners (F) = 500 

Maximum Runners (G) = 2,000 

Code: A Category: 10 KM Men’s Open Entry Fees (RM): 60  Age Eligibility: 16 years old & above Distance: 10km | Code: B Category: 10 KM Women’s Open Entry Fees (RM): 60 Age Eligibility: 16 years old & above Distance: 10km | Code: C Category: 10 KM Men’s Veteran Entry Fees (RM): 60  Age Eligibility: 40 years old & above Distance: 10km | Code: D Category: 10 KM Women’s Veteran Entry Fees (RM): 60    Age Eligibility: 40 years old & above Distance: 10km | Code: E Category: 5 KM Fun Run Entry Fees (RM): 45 Age Eligibility: 7 years old & above Distance: 5km | Code: F Category: 5 KM Stroller Run Entry Fees (RM): 45 Age Eligibility: 18 years old & above Distance: 5km | Code: G Category: Bike Fun Ride Entry Fees (RM): 60 Age Eligibility: 7 years old & above Distance: 35km 

ELIGIBILITY  *The ASEAN Unity Run & Ride 2016 (AURR 2016) shall be conducted under the rules of MAF and also a set of competition rules. This competition is open to everyone. *10km Run is open to participants aged 16 and above as of 31 December 2016. *5km Fun Run is open to participants aged 7 and above of 31 December 2016. *Bike Fun Ride is open to participants aged 7 and above of 31 December 2016. *Participants below 18 year of age must obtain parental consent to participate in The ASEAN Unity Run & Ride 2016 (AURR 2016). *Please note that Under-12 year old kids (as of 31st December 2016) have to be accompanied by one parent. *5km Stroller Run must consist of one parent with a child on stroller. Only the parent needs to register. Parent must be aged 18 years old & above There are no age restrictions for the child, provided your child will fit in the stroller! 

RUNNER’S ENTITLEMENT *All Participants will receive an event T-shirt, a Finisher’s Medal and Finisher’s Certificate. *Category A, B, C & D shall receive an e-certificate while Category E, F & G will receive a participation certificate at the finish line. *Be sure, to stay for the exciting Lucky Draw Prizes *For Racers A Total Of RM16,000 Prize Money Up For Grabs! (Cash Awards are Ringgit Malaysia. Payment will be made by cheque).

For more information and registration.

For latest updates, follow official page & event.


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