Press Conference TNB to Introduce Hockey Team for TNB/MHL 2016

Press Conference TNB to Introduce Hockey Team for TNB/MHL 2016.

In anticipation of the start of this season’s TNB Malaysian Hockey League 2016 end August, Tenaga National Berhad (TNB) unveiled their squad members.

The press conference was held on 11-Aug 2016 at their Kilat Sports Club of TNB Headquarters in Jalan Bangsar.

To address the media, TNB’s Chief Corporate Officer, Datuk Wira Roslan, Datuk Ir. Mohd Aminuddin, Senior General Manager & Team Manager, Coach & ex-National player Muhamad Amin, and the whole hockey squad, were present.

Powering Malaysian Hockey League

Datuk Wira has every reason to be proud of his new hockey squad as there are no imported foreign players, and some of the players were developed under TNB’s Thunderbolts Hockey Development Programme whereby TNB has been sponsoring 4 selected schools in Johor, Pahang, Perak and Kuala Lumpur in order to develop young hockey players at grassroots level. Under this programme, local hockey talents can be spotted early, and groomed to be future national and international champions.

Being a GLC (Government Linked Company), TNB is fully committed in its role to assist in the development of Malaysian hockey and Malaysian hockey players in the long term.

Team Manager Datuk Aminuddin is confident that his new team which consists 100% of local homegrown talent has what it takes to compete for the top spots in the Malaysian Hockey Premier League. Granted this youthful team, with an average age of early 20s may not be Champions immediately, but as their juniors players are exposed to more matches against tough and more experienced opponents, the TNB Team will, in time, give the best teams a run for their money.

Addressing The Media

New Coach Amin will depend on last season’s Top Performers and national squad regulars, Goalkeeper S. Kumar, and Forward Shahril Saabah, to add much needed playing experience to his young squad. On the bright side, Coach Amin noted, “It is easier to coach young players as they are keen to learn, and with a short season of only 6-weeks, the youngsters can recover fast from the hectic schedule of having to play 3 games per week.”

Coach Muhamad Amin (Left)

TNB’s 16-year veteran goalkeeper, S. Kumar says that an all-local outfit can boost the morale and understanding of the team on and off the turf.

Goalkeeper S. Kumar (Right)

“Most of our players have played together before, either at club level or for the national team. Although there is no target set for us this season, the team still wants to impress fans with quality hockey and we are confident in springing some surprises along the way,” added the TNB stalwart.

Another national squad regular Shahril Saabah also echoed his approval of a fully home-grown team saying that the chemistry and communication is very important in any team sport and it helps when all the players can speak the same language.

Muhd Shahril added that having foreign imports does not guarantee a team success but hard work, dedication and commitment to improve a team’s game play can do wonders especially for the long run as well as for the national team.

This is Merdeka Month, and I applaud TNB resolution to groom and give our local youngsters the golden opportunity to play in the big leagues. 

Join me in rooting for TEAM TNB as they kickoff their Premier League Match against MayBank at Hockey League Association Stadium on 19-Aug 2016!

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