Running Into Philippe Mavic

Running Into Philippe Mavic

It was the Tuesday after the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2016, and I was walking along Jalan Tun H.S. Lee when I thought I heard a tourist enquired, “Did you complete it?”

I stopped in my tracks, and looked back towards the foreigner who was holding a map, looking in my direction, and pointing to my new SCKLM 2016 Finisher T-shirt.

It took me a couple of seconds to register what was happening. Then, I deduced that he was referring to whether or not I completed the recent marathon.

He says, “I got the same T-shirt.”

I asked, “Did you run in that marathon too?”

“Yes, but I was disappointed with my timing,” he shot back.

“What was your time?” I queried.

“It was 3:30, my worst timing to date”.

I retorted, “If that was your WORST, what is your usual FM finish time?!

The Frenchman replied, “3 hours, but my I have a good excuse for my poor performance here.”

After we introduced ourselves, I learnt that his name was Philippe Mavic, and he had flown in from France just to participate in the Scklm 2016. Unfortunately, his original flight was delayed for 2 days in Dubai, and he only flew in on Saturday morning, without his luggage or shoes. At 10:00pm Saturday night, Philippe bought himself new running shoes, and after just a couple of hours of sleep, he found himself at the Start Line in Pen number 2, waiting for the 4:00am flag-off.

For the first 25km, Philippe was running comfortably with another female French runner who he met coincidentally at the start. With 7km to go, his female co-patriot sped off to claim second prize in her category as Philippe was left with the first signs of cramps which made him lose 1 minute every subsequent kilometre. On hindsight, Philippe declared that the 20 climbs which he counted were tough, and he a added, “Maybe next year, I will be back here again to beat my timing with better preparations and conditioning.”

Well, under the circumstances, I thought his accomplishments were much better than what he was willing to accept. I admired how Philippe refused to make any excuses for his poor performance, and he obviously felt that he could and should have done better.

We adjourned to a nearby cafe in Central Market for a chat, and I was happy to receive some valuable running tips and listen to anecdotes from a sub-3 French Marathoner.

Despite his delayed arrival to Malaysia, Philippe still managed to complete his first marathon in a city and something tells me, Philippe will make up for the lost time at his next destination… Langkawi Island.

How Did Philippe Rate Scklm 2016?

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4 Responses to Running Into Philippe Mavic

  1. Craig says:

    I met Phillipe too on the start line. I was hoping to run a similar time to him but unfortunately things didn’t quite go as I’d hoped. He was hoping to run under 3:30 I believe so not too far off. KL is a tough course, the four ‘H’s’; Hot, humid, hilly and hour(4am start). With his preparation and travel problems he still ran a great time.

    • Gus Ghani says:

      Hi Craig, thanks for sharing. My coach tells me that this is not a PB course. I suspect many runners will back to improve their timing. I hope you had an enjoyable experience overall 😃

  2. Ridzuan Ali says:


    I like the way how the runners introduce their self. Just only 1 question and you can talk and share all about run.

    Well done

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