How To Crush Full Marathon @SCKLM2016

How To Crush Full Marathon @SCKLM2016

Wet Dream Ending

You have trained for it or maybe not.

You have your favourite running shoes on standby.

You are starting to strategize for race day.

You can almost picture yourself crossing the finish line with arms raised in victory.

If only real life was that sweet, but in the time it takes to complete a full marathon, your best plans can unravel like an unstoppable puppy playing with your last toilet roll. The harsh reality of running long distance is that when we push our bodies to the limit, the tiniest mistake could be disastrous. At the same time, one small piece of good advice could be the difference between earning your new FM stripe and crashing and burning to DNF status.

You Will Never Run Alone

Ironically, when you’re running among 5,000 other runners, you can feel lost in the crowd. You might feel intimidated as legions of better runners pass you by. What’s worse, you are stressed about meeting the designated cut-off times, and as you start reaching “The Wall”, you start tiring-out and before you know it, you even start doubting your ability to reach the finish line. When desperation rears its ugly head, who are you going to call…?

Strength In Numbers

Just call the Seiko Pacers! They are a band of 28 running brothers and sisters (see below Pacers List) who have your back, and they are ready to run with you fast or slow. So, why not boost your run by feeding-off the excitement and energy surrounding these diligent pacers. Together, we can crush the proverbial Wall and cross the finish with our heads held-up high.


Lionel Lee    3:30
Rozmi Yunus    3:30
Lili Suhairi Bin Md Yang Ghazali    3:30
Lim Yew Khuay     4:00
Richard Tang    4:00
Ewegene Tan Eu Jin    4:00
Hoo Wai Hong    4:30
Teoh BJ     4:30
Badrul Hisham    4:30
June Yap    4:30
Tan Hong Ping, Renee    5:00
Malcalm Chew    5:00
Seah Leong San    5:00
Dennis Wee    5:00
Kelvin Ng    5:30
Yum KK    5:30
Ahmad Hadafi    5:30
Azhar Omran    5:30
Choi Chik Choy    6:00
Simon Leong Kwan Nang    6:00
Fanny Tian Huey Ni    6:00
Irwan Anuar    6:30
Sonny Ng    6:30
Evelyn Ang Loo    6:30
Alwin Tan    7:00
ChooiWan    7:00
Wong Sing Haow, Barkley    7:00
Ghazali Bin Abdul Ghani    7:00

Watch Seiko Pacers Vest by adidas

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  1. Kheng Hoe says:

    Thanks to all the pacers! I’ll be looking out for you.

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