Beat The SCKLM 2016 Clock!

Beat The SCKLM 2016 Clock!

Rozmi (centre) 3:30 Pacer

GOOD News Or Bad News

For the first time, the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon have extended their race cut-off finishing time to 7 hours in order to receive Finisher Certificate, and to make sure no runners will be left stranded along the AKLEH and DUKE Highways, there will be 4 NEW checkpoints at 15km, 21km, 31km & 37km distances. The race starting times and the strict cut-off times for these checkpoints are spelled-out below.

For regular full marathoners, the imposition of these new Cut-Off Times is no biggie, and some seasoned runners may even welcome this move to raise the minimum running standards of Malaysians marathoners, as well as, ensure the further UPGRADING of Malaysia’s best international Marathon event.

In contrast, new and novice runners will see theses newly introduced Cut-Off Times as another unwanted BARRIER getting in the way of their pursuit to becoming a full-fledged Full Marathoner.

In the same way as babies and children detest taking medicines, those “wannabe marathoners” will soon MATURE and learn to appreciate the need to adopt greater discipline and motivation in becoming a full-time runner. As SCKLM Running Coach, MARK WILLIAMS

remarked, “If you are taking more than 7 hours to run a full marathon, then you are not ready for it, and you should be training more.”

Indeed, 42km is a highly demanding distance and only the runners who train diligently for it will be rewarded a pot of GOLD at the end of the rainbow, or at least, they will receive a hard-earned Finisher Tee at the Finish Line.

Pacers Kit Handover at adidasMY Sports Performance Store at Pavillion


To finish a full marathon (FM) in some style, it will definitely take a lot of sweat; maybe some blood, and possibly some tears too. That’s what gives the FM Finishers a terrific sense of fulfillment at the end.


Although the FM journey is full of hardships, runners can and should drastically reduce the FM workload by engaging the help of fellow runners. Read on for some HELPFUL TIPS to PUSH YOU OVER THE FINISH LINE.


A Full Marathon Venue | Dataran Merdeka

A1 Activity | Warm-ups for FM

A1.1 Start Time | 3:30 am   

A2 Race technical/ Safety announcements

A2.1 Start Time | 3:45 am   

A3 FM Start Time| 4:00 am

B Half Marathon Venue | Dataran Merdeka

B1 Activity| Warm-ups for Half Marathon   

B1. 1 Start Time| 5:00 am

B2 Activity | Race technical/ Safety announcements

B2.1 Start Time | 5:15 am   

B3 HM Start Time| 5:30 am

For Venues & Start Times of 10km Speed/Cruise/Leisure, 5km Fun Run & 3km/1km Kids Dash, CLICK HERE.

TIP – It is recommended that you arrive at your respective start area at least 20 minutes before the gun goes. If you are not at the start area when the gun is fired, you may not be allowed to start.

Dreaded Cut-Off Times

The following cut-off times along the route for Full Marathon participants are strictly enforced;
1. KM 15: AKLEH – before the toll towards MRR2, 6:40 am
2. KM 21: MRR2 – entering DUKE highway, 7:40 am
3. KM 31: DUKE – exit to Jalan Kuching, 9:15 am
4. KM 37: Jalan Sultan Salahuddin – Bank Negara, 10:10 am

What Happens After Cut-Off Times?

If you do not reach the checkpoints within the stipulated cut-off times, officials will disqualify you and ask you to board the bus to be ferried back to Dataran Merdeka

Tie A Yellow Ribbon

There is 1 (one) mandatory checkpoint on the Route at KM 31 where you will be given a ribbon by officials from the MAF. It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive this ribbon and wear it on your wrist until you have collected your finisher items. Only runners with this special SCKLM ribbon are entitled for Finisher’s T-shirt and Finisher’s medal.

Running Boosters

As 4:30-hour pacer, Teoh BJ, explains, “Join the SCKLM Pacers who will give runners an extra boost of energy!”. Meet Teoh BJ

This year, SCKLM has increased the number of official pacers in order to help more runners pace between 3:30 to 7:00-hour FINISHING TIMES under SCKLM long-standing COACH Mark Williams.


PACER | Finishing Hour (subject to final list)

From L to R, Irwan 6:00, Azhar 5:30 & Ghazali 7:00-hour Pacer

Lionel Lee | 3:30
Rozmi Yunus | 3:30
Lim Yew Khuay | 4:00
Richard Tang | 4:00
Badrul | 4:30
Hoo Wai Hong | 4:30
Teoh BJ | 4:30
Tan Hong Ping, Renee | 5:00
Malcalm Chew | 5:00
Seah Leong San | 5:00
Denis Wee | 5:00
Kelvin Ng | 5:30
Yum KK | 5:30
Ahmad Hadafi | 5:30
Azhar Omran | 5:30
Choi Chik Choy | 6:00
Irwan Anuar | 6:00

Sonny Ng | 6:30
Evelyn | 6:30
Alwin Tan | 7:00
Chooi Wan | 7:00
Wong Sing Haow, Barkley | 7:00
Ghazali Bin Abdul Ghani | 7:00

Coach Mark Williams training the Pacers.

Have You Trained Enough?

With only two weeks left to race day, runners training should be finishing-up their Long Slow Distance sessions and tapering-down.

If you have attended, the earlier 2-month  Running Clinics organised by SCKLM, then you should have covered the required key training areas. Watch Training Videos 1 & 2.


In reality, it takes years of experience and training to become a confident and capable Distance Runner. I have selected my Top 28 Running Tips which ought to help your pre-race preparations, race performance and post-race recovery as follows:-

My HOT Tips For Pre-Race

  1. Any new running gear (shoes, socks, outfit) should be worn and “broken-in” before race day.

  2. Load-up on complex carbohydrates (pasta) with low glycemic index, and  potassium and sodium (bananas) 2-3 days before race day.

  3. Avoid spicy, oily food and unfamiliar food on race eve.

  4. Drink 3 litres of water the day before race.

  5. Put aside all your running gear and pin bib to your running vest the night before race.

  6. Set two alarms.

  7. Sleep for minimum of 6 hours.

  8. Drink 1.5 litres of water on race morning

  9. Breakfast should be restricted to light and easily digestible food such as a slice of bread with peanut butter and fruits.

  10. Arrive at race venue 2 hours before flag-off.

My HOT Tips For During Race

  1. Apply petroleum jelly to areas prone to chafing such as on the nipples and around the waist area.

  2. Carry on board some electrolyte powder to be mixed and drank at water station.

  3. In the first few kilometres, drink only water. Afterwards, drink electrolytes in addition to and not as a replacement for water.

  4. Stop for a quick drink at every water station.

  5. The slower your pace, the further back within the starting pen, you should position yourself.

  6. Use the first 2km as your warm-up.

  7. Follow the pacer which matches your pace. 

  8. If you suffer any injury, do not panic because there will be a marshal or medic to attend to you shortly.

  9. If you feel a cramp coming, start walking until the feeling subsides. Then, continue to walk and run, or keep running depending on your recovery.

  10. If the situation feels tough, just take one step at a time, and regulate your breathing.

  11. Do not run too fast in the first half, and keep a steady pace throughout, and remember to leave enough gas in your tank for a strong finish.

My HOT Tips For Post-Race

  1. If you fail to meet the cut-off time or DNF (Did Not Finish), it is not the end of the world, and remember that Champions are those who use failures as an opportunity to get better.

  2. Drink lots of water and electrolytes for best recovery.

  3. Eat something wholesome and nutritious within 20 minutes after the finish.

  4. Go for a short recovery run the next day to shake-off the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

  5. Allow your body to recover in the weeks to come with some low intensity workouts such as swimming.

  6. Eat balanced and nutritious meals to help your body recover and rebuild its strength.

  7. Remember to thank those key people who helped and encouraged you to reach your Full Marathon goals and Running Achievements.


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