The Benefits Of Running Clinics

The Benefits Of Running Clinics


Question & Answer Time

The Ultimate Goal

99% of runners would love to improve their personal running time if they could. The remaining 1% are probably in denial. Being able to run faster, at a faster pace, will not only lead to a better running performance, but equally important, when you run fast, your body movements are at its most efficient. In fact, I believe that the aim of all my running endeavours is to utilise my body’s energy as efficiently as possible. I can achieve that by following all of these points (in no particular order of importance):-


Queueing For Caffeine Fix

Eat The Right Kind Of Foods, In The Right Quantity, And At The Right Time.

Improve My Running Techniques.

Increase My Cardiovascular Fitness.

Strengthen My Running Muscles.

Running the recommended weekly mileage distance.

Rest adequately in between training and running sessions.


Adidas Foot Analysis

Wearing proper running gear.

Keeping Mentally Strong.

Avoiding The Pitfalls

However, in the real world, it is rare, but not impossible, to find non-elite runners who are honestly disciplined enough to dedicate themselves fully to following the right training regime. Less rare are the amateur runners who overtrain and run too much, without giving their bodies enough time to rest and recover for the sake of false bravado. Before all that, there are many more new runners out there who are unaware of all the disciplines of running which are required to run at your best. It is most important that these newbies follow the right running path from the beginning, and equally important, these beginners need to adopt the right running attitude.

In contrast, without any proper guidance, there is a real risk of suffering from avoidable injuries, or wrongly seeking self-gratification while figuratively or literally stepping on other runner’s toes. There are many unwritten code of conduct in running, and contravening these rules can make an amateur look, well, amateurish. To learn fast about running principles and its house rules, it is best for newcomers to attend running clinics conducted by experienced and qualified athletics coaches.


For me, the best running clinic programme for non-elite runners is the one organised by Dirigo Events and offered to all participants of SCKLM. Their well-planned programme addresses all the major requirements to be a smart member of the running community at no extra charge.

Running Crash Course

According to Coach Mark Williams, who conducts the SCKLM Running Clinic Programme, “it takes 7 years to make a proper runner”. If you can’t wait for 7 years, then I recommend that you register for the next SCKLM, and enroll in all 12 of their running clinic sessions. By doing so, I can guarantee any non-elite runner that they will infinitely improve their running knowledge, as well as improve their running performance as a direct result of Coach Mark’s effective and practical training methods. Personally, after attending only 2 training sessions, I am already becoming a better runner because of the invaluable running tips presented.

Practical Running School

In case you are unaware, the SCKLM Running Clinic Programme, consists of a total 12 training sessions which are conducted over a 2-month period. These sessions are divided into 6 running clinics and 6 specialised running clinics covering the following topics respectively :-

A) Running Clinics







B) Specialised Running Clinics



SPEED SESSIONS (100m+200m reps)




As you can see, the SCKLM Running Clinic Programme is simply jam-packed with plenty of running nuggets which ought to make your running experience “richer” and more rewarding.


Interval Training @Lake Gardens

You will also notice that the SCKLM topics mentioned above matches, more or less, my earlier list of 8 points which I will need to follow in order to become a better runner.

Training With The Masters


Warming-up before interval training

The success of this SCKLM Running Clinic Programme is largely due to the efficient organising skills and event management experience of Dirigo Events, as well as the brilliant coaching of the masterful Mark Williams. Together, these two make an unbeatable team, and they run the sessions effortlessly like clockwork. Of course, they have had 7 years to perfect their craft, and the SCKLM participants, like me, are lucky to be part of this wonderful event today.

Coach Mark reflected, “Compared to when we first started our SCKLM Running Clinics, the standard of the Malaysian runners today have improved dramatically.” He added, “In those early days, many participants were not wearing proper running attire, and some even trained in their office working shoes!”

I asked Mark, “How have you changed as a coach of Scklm over the years?”.


He replied, “I am always learning something new from the training sessions, and nowadays, I realised that the participants don’t want to be blinded by science and too much technical jargon.” Mark continued, “I find that using real-life analogies in my presentation helps the runners understand and remember my points better.”.


Last Specialised Running Clinic 23-June 2016

For my videos of Scklm Running Clinics, click HERE!

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