Save Our Rainforest Race 2016 – Press Conference


Save Our Rainforest Race 2016 – Press Conference

Dwindling Rainforest

Did you know that there are only 3% of Primary Rainforest remaining in Malacca when there ought to be a minimum of 30% Primary Rainforest kept aside for each State? Perlis and Negeri Sembilan are already down to 11% and 16% respectively.

The greedy Tauke Balak (Timber Tycoon) are King of our precious Rainforest to do as what they pleased regardless of the serious environmental impact of their excessive logging.

Where are the Authorities?

Ironically, those who are authorised to serve The Rainforest and The People have been racking-in big bucks over the decades to protect the billion-dollar illegal logging.

Remember the huge landslide that occurred along the Karak Highway end 2015? Well, at that time, the Authorities denied publicly any logging going on over there which could be at fault. The truth was that one year before that tragic incident, PEKA already visited the logging site, and PEKA even submitted an official letter to the Authorities warning of the possible landslide. As always, every environmental plea falls on deaf ears. There is just too much money at stake to be worried about public safety. Right after the landslide, PEKA surveyed the same logging area, and they saw the same illegal activities which is going on next to the Bentong Forestry Department! It is amazing how these people can lie directly to the Public over an issue which affects our National Treasure. It makes me sick in the stomach when I see the video evidence of how much Rainforest were are losing to the Tauke Balak, and how open & care-free they can conduct such illegal activities.

Crying To Sleep

The Orang Asli are desperate because they rely 100% of their livelihood on the Rainforest. Tragically, illegal logging has polluted their drinking water and destroy their source of food and for jungle-based income source. Will they be just another indispensable casualty of war to be swept under the proverbial carpet. Gosh, it makes me sick to be a Malaysian when we can look-away and allow our harmless ethnic minority be persecuted like that.

Dying Breed

The job of Environmentalists is a high-risk one, and like Penal Judges who pass sentence against the underworld bosses, they have a target on their backs. Just last week, one of Honduras most famous environmentalists was assassinated for just doing her job. In the Amazon Jungle, the tribal villagers have been known to clash with loggers causing deaths.

Green Day


In Malaysia, we prefer to pursuit more peaceful measures such as spreading public awareness. On 26th March 2016, the PEKA Team will be staging her 4th Edition of Save Our Rainforest Run 2016 (SORR 2016) at the Port Dickson Forestry Department. The highlight is the replanting of 1,000 tree saplings by 2,000 participants, and spaced-out along the jungle trail will be various games designed to bring the participants closer to nature. The atmosphere will be fully charged as Teams of Two’s will be busy fully completing their given assignments in order to collect their finishers medal at the finish line. Food and refreshments will be served to the deserving Eco Warriors, as the Festivities continue after the race.



For immediate release

“Save Our Rainforest Race 2016” – Tree is Our Future

Kuala Lumpur, 17 February 2016 – With the success and effectiveness of the program “Save Our Rainforest Race” (SORR) that has taken place annually since 2013, Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam (PEKA, Malaysia), an NGO fighting for issues related to natural heritage including preservation and conservation efforts of tropical rainforest in Malaysia, is conducting another SORR program this year. This time, SORR 2016 will be held on March 26, 2016 at the Center for Eco-Tourism Education Edutourism, Sungai Menyala Forest Reserve, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

As a symbolic race to save the decreasing forests in Malaysia, participants will race 16km to plant forest trees in the designated area. Along the race route, participants will go through a number of challenges including nature inspired games and trivia related to SORR 2016 theme.
Consistent with the previous SORR programs, SORR 2016 is aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of the tropical rainforest in the country and educate participants and the public to join in the care for the environment in a sustainable manner for present and future generations. In addition, the program also aims to raise funds for awareness campaigns and educational programs in the future.

This year’s program is joined by ‘Friends of SORR 2016’ that comprised of Amy Search, Keith Foo, Johan Raja Lawak, Imelda Harris, Thanuja, Razif Yahya, Najwa Latif, Syafik Malik, Harick Azha, Ozlynn and Kim Raymond plans to plant 1,000 forest trees consisting of various species with the participation of 2,000 participants from all walks of life. Each participant is accompanied by a partner, consisting of 2 people of each group and willl have the opportunity to approach and understand the natural heritage and ways of planting the right tree. PEKA Malaysia also welcomes corporate parties and individuals to co-sponsor to ensure the success of this beneficial event.

The press conference witnessed the launch of the program, announcements of sponsors and friends of SORR. The program was also graced by special guests and supporters; Salamiah Hassan, Zaiton Sameon, Norish Karman and Ewal.

To anyone who is interested in joining SORR2016, they can sign up via PEKA website. Registration is open to public with a fee of RM 80 per person (RM 160 per team). Similar to previous SORR programs, participation fee includes race kit, tree sapling, breakfast, lunch, t-shirt and official SORR2016 memorabilia. Interested participants are encouraged to register immediately.

Any questions regarding information and registration of SORR2016, the public can visit or or contact Susee (6016 2010204), Arizal Rahman (6011 12249782) or Izwan ( 6017 9321899).



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