Tropical Fruit Adventure Race 2015


 Tropical Fruit Adventure Race 2015

 Are You Looking for a TRAIL run which will take you away from the hustle, the bustle, the din, the smog & concrete space of everyday city life? Then, this fruity adventure is just remedy for you. This “return-to-nature” trail run offers you a splendid potpourri of beautiful green trails, picturesque waterfalls, scenic fruit plantations, captivating views of Ayer Itam Dam, and the old charm of Balik Pulau Town. With a mix of 60% trail & 40% road, the 25km route will test both your ability to navigate undulating nature trails, as well to pound the hard road segments.

Being a team event of 2 runners, you & your partner or buddy will need to complete 6 fun tasks along the way. The top 5 teams in each of the 4 categories who work together best and finish the race together will be given prizes & trophies. Moreover, each runner will be presented with a colourful medal, a mouthwatering fruit platter of watermelon, rambutan, jambu, banana, cempedak plus a refreshing cup of nutmeg juice at the Finish Line. 


 After listening to the race director, Mr. C.K. Tan, speak enthusiastically about his one-of-a-kind adventure race, Mr & Mrs Happy Runner are eagerly looking forward to participate in his event which promises so much fun & adventure. Furthermore, Penang’s cultural, historical & gastronomic attractions always guarantee us an enjoyable weekend getaway at affordable local prices.

Here are some key notes from the organiser:-
1) Cut-off time for 25KM will be 5.5 hours. 1st checkpoint will 4 hours at 16KM. If participants are not able to meet the 1st cut-off, team will be considered disqualified. All teams completed the event within the cut-off time will be given a finisher medal to each team member.

2) With conjuntion with our efforts to promote green environment, NO paper cups will be provided. Runners to refill from water dispenser that available at each water stations.
3) Self hydration event. Distance between water stations may vary from 5 – 6KM depending on the terrain thus we highly recommend runners to have at least 1.5 liter of water with them during anytime.
4) Since this is a team of 2 event. Both runners need to start, cross checkpoints and finishing line together. If not, the teams will be considered disqualified.


a) 16km/Team (2 members): RM 148

b) 25lm/Team (2 members): RM216

c) Above prices are valid until 31/Jul/2015.

6) To Register, click HERE

1. Happy Runner’s views expressed herein are personal and they are accurate to the best of his knowledge unless otherwise implicitly stated.

2. Always read and understand fully all of the Event Terms & Conditions on the official event website BEFORE registering for any running events.

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