EDUCITY SUNDOWN in MALAYSIA 2015 – Happy Runner’s Hot Pick!

 EDUCITY SUNDOWN in MALAYSIA 2015 – Happy Runner’s Hot Pick!

Launching Press Conference
Always on the look-out for use full race insights to share with Happy Runner’s followers, I made my way to The Royale Bintang at The Curve in order to attend the launching of the second edition of EduCity Sundown. I was looking forward to meet the team behind this gala event, and to find-out first-hand what Sundown has in store for its participants in 2015 & onwards. The launch event would cover short speeches by Mr. CG Lim, head of event owner & organiser World Endurance, and by Mr. Sugumaran Kailasan, Chief Operating Officer of EduCity Iskandar Sdn Bhd.  

 This would be followed by a Q&A segment, a photography session & some light refreshments. The media received a specially designed black collared Tee together with the press kit. 

 Sundown History
Sundown Singapore started in 2008 with 500 runners, and it was the first night marathon with the categories of Full Marathon, Half Marathon & 10km. After which, Sundown grew overwhelming in popularity to 35,000 runners in 2014.

Johor Edition
Last year, Sundown debuted successfully in Johor’s EduCity; attracting 5,000 runners, out of which approximately 50% were from Johor, 20% from Singapore, and 30% from other countries & other parts of Malaysia. 

 This year, the event owner & organiser, World Endurance (the same fellas behind IRONMAN MALAYSIA), is targeting 7,000 runners. Themed “Pulse of the Tribe”, this event aims to bring together groups of friends, family or co-workers to challenge themselves with a sense of team spirit.

The title & venue sponsor, EduCity Iskandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd (EISB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB). Currently, EduCity has 7 universities & colleges, and it boasts many impressive sports facilities such as the best football pitch in Johor, outdoor & indoor stadiums & an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

What’s New?
1. The Finish Line will be INSIDE the sports stadium this year compared to last year’s outside finish.

2. There will be an ending performance inside the stadium for the participants to enjoy.

3. There will be additional pacers not only for the 21km category but also for the 12km.

4. Prizes will be announced later.

5. There is a Corporate Challenge category.

6. There will be 3 running/training clinics conducted by ACT Pacer Team for the registered participants; 

– first clinic will be staged on 27/June in the evening near the Palace of Justice, Putra jaya, 

– and the other two clinics will be in Johor (dates to be announced).

Regional Event
Sundown is having talks with other Asia Pacific countries in order to secure venues in 3 other countries in the future.

Why Register?
1. For experienced runners, attractive prizes await the top runners.

2. Night running is unique & it offers runners different ambience and challenges compared to running daytime.

3. Ideal for runners who are planning to run their first half marathon, and it also serves as a stepping stone for future full marathoners.

4. Make it a family ‘Runcation’ & take the opportunity to witness Malaysia’s exciting Iskandar Corridor project, as well as visit Johor’s tourist spots such as Lego Land.

5. A top-class & experienced race organiser is promising a great outing to impress all who will be present.

Hot Tickets!
Registration started 2 weeks ago, and I suggest you register now to reserve cheaper rates & to avoid disappointment.

The Cast   
 From left to right, Cik Hasnina Hafiz, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Iskandar Investment; Mr. Damian Cheah of Brooks Running, Mr. Sugumaran Kailasan, Chief Operating Officer of EduCity Iskandar Sdn Bhd; Mr.CG Lim, General Manager of World Endurance Malaysia, Organizer of EduCity Sundown Malaysia 2015; Ms. Jolene Hong, Team Manager of Athlete’s Circle Athletic Club (ACAC) Malaysia; En. Edan Syah, Head Trainer of Athlete’s Circle Athletic Club (ACAC) Malaysia; Ms. Jophy Lim, Event Services for World Endurance Malaysia, Organizer of EduCity Sundown Malaysia 2015, and En. Mohd. Firdaus, Ms. Emily Tong and Mr. Andrew Chua, Pacers Team members of Athlete’s Circle Athletic Club (ACAC) Malaysia.

The Brains   

Mr. Sugumaran Kailasan, Chief Operating Officer of EduCity Iskandar Sdn Bhd (top) and Mr.CG Lim, General Manager of World Endurance Malaysia and Organizer of EduCity Sundown Malaysia 2015 (bottom) at the Launch Press Conference of EduCity Sundown Malaysia 2015, held at The Terrace, The Royale Bintang The Curve, Petaling Jaya, on 16th June, 2015.

What Else?
With registration already opened, interested participants are invited to visit the event’s official website at Sundown Malaysia for more information and to lock down one of the limited spots available.
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