Transcend Running Shoes

Happy Feet

Happy Feet

NEW BABY: In February 2014, BROOKS Malaysia launched their latest premium running shoe model known as Transcend. Only 360 pairs were made available throughout Malaysia. Apart from the limited stock of Transcend, the shoe’s higher than usual price tag of RM759, make BROOKS latest baby both exclusive and elusive. Does it have what it takes to woo the running community?

Blog Contest Winners 1st March 2014

Blog Contest Winners 1st March 2014

Fortunately, I did manage to secure myself a brand new pair of coral orange Transcend thanks to BROOKS Malaysia bloggers contest. So, after taking it out for a spin, I decided to share with you my findings for your consideration.

Unboxing with Mr. Cheah (Brooks Malaysia Managing Director)

Unboxing with Mr. Cheah (Brooks Malaysia Managing Director)

Admittedly, my running shoe of choice is Brooks because their shoes guarantee both performance & comfort. On paper, the Transcend incorporates so many new and improved features across the board, promising a better stride as well as a better ride.

COMFORTABLE PAD: Nike and Asics call their padding technology “Air” and “Gel” respectively. In BROOKS’ case, they call their equivalent technology, “DNA”. Unlike Nike & Asics (where the padding is a separate entity and attached to the shoe soles), Brooks DNA is infused seamlessly in the shoe moulding. Moreover, Brooks has improved their DNA technology making it even lighter and springier, hence more comfortable than its predecessors.

Top View

Top View

GUIDE RAILS: When running, our body adopts a natural body alignment meaning our spine, arms, elbows, hips, legs, knees, ankles and feet moves along their planes of least resistance. When all our moving body parts are in-sync, all our energy will be efficiently utilised to propel us forward. However, as we get more tired during long or challenging runs, our body movement starts to stray from that optimum path of least resistance: our upper body starts moving side-to-side, and our foot strikes start landing more on our heels rather than the recommended front/mid-sole portion. Running out-of-alignment will not only mean wasted energy but it could also lead to serious injuries. For these reasons, BROOKS have introduced a totally new feature called Guide Rails which are hard strips strategically placed around the shoe heel. These Guide Rails prevent runners from subconsciously straying from their ideal natural path of least resistance, and help keep good running alignment even when runners get tired.

LANDING AREA: According to BROOKS, every runner run differently because of our different DNA make-up which determines the type of foot arches (high/medium/low arches, or flat footed) among other things. As in the game of golf, every golfer has their individually unique golf swing, and golf Pros never change a golfers swing but instead, they help golfers tweak it to help them hit the golf ball accurately.  Similarly, BROOKS is saying, let’s embrace our individual running style, and this forward-thinking concept is clearly reflected in the TRANSCEND under-soles which consist of several key landing zones; each zone is designed to accommodate and absorb the striking impact no matter how and where you land on your feet. Furthermore, the specially-designed in-soles gives runners even more support and comfort.

WIRE MESH: The new and improved soft & aerated fabric material, which cover the top of TRANSCEND shoes, ensures a snug fit and at the same time, keeps your feet cool. When you have comfort, you will also get improved performance!

FINAL VERDICT: Since I received my new TRANSCEND, I have ran in them a dozen times on the road, and the furthest run was 21km. Although, I always try to keep a proper running form, and I keep reminding myself to land mid-sole, inevitably, there will be times when a lapse in concentration prevents me from achieving my perfect stride. Now, wearing BROOKS Transcend, it gives me the confidence to run freely, knowing that my feet are well protected when I need it most. Transcend definitely gives me a comfortable ride without sacrificing its lightness. Personally, I can recommend Transcend to those of you who want to spend more time enjoying your runs, and less time worrying about the physical impact of the run on your body & feet. Transcend is the embodiment of stress-free Happy Running. As an added bonus, Transcend’s snazzy design and eye-catching colour will turn heads, as well as, turn your running buddies green with envy!

Sport Minister YB Encik Khairy (far right) at SCKLM 2014 launch

Sport Minister YB Encik Khairy (far right) at SCKLM 2014 launch

BY THE WAY: Last week, I attended the official launching of Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2014 (SCKLM 2014), and the guest-of-honour, Yang Berhomat Encik Khairy Jamaluddin (Malaysia’s dashing young Sports Minister) was presented with a new pair of Transcend by the event organiser. Thankfully, I Sports does transcend race & politics. I will blog separately about the SCKLM 2014 launch pretty soon, I hope.

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