Buying New Running Shoe for Dummies

BROOKS outlet at Sunway Pyramid

MY VIRGIN BUY: The last time, I went shopping for a pair of runners, it was one year ago, when I started running. Believe or not, it was my first ever purchase, and I found the whole experience nervy and overwhelming for an ignorant newbie like me. I remember that I went to a general sports goods store in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, and I started from one end of the shoe wall, going from Puma section to Nike, Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, Mizuno and finally, I ended-up in the ASICS section at the other end. At that time, my only two purchasing considerations were a cool design and thick padding for my high-arched feet and because I was concerned about protecting my untested knees. The shop assistant was not much help and I could sense that he was really not qualified to give me any useful advise as his prime concern was to persuade me to buy the most expensive shoe so that he could earn more commission. On a wing and a prayer, I took a deep breath and aplurged 500 over bucks for  a pair of Kayano 17, and on my way home, I took comfort by telling myself, “if it’s that expensive it must be good”. On hindsight, I should have done alot more research beforehand rather than buying on impulse and gut-feel. Despite all that I have just said, my ASICS shoes is a high-performance shoe for long distances, and the padding really worked. My only complaint was that the shoe is very heavy but I can’t blame the shoe for that. So, recently, I’ve been considering to procure a lighter pair based on my yearlong running experience. As it happened, as part of BROOKS recent launch of their new Pure Project footwear range, I was invited to attend a presentation at their flagship outlet at The Curve. After listening to how simple BROOKS has made the whole buying process for consumers, I have decided to make my next new pair of shoes, a BROOKS pair. You see, not only does BROOKS have a very wide range of high-performance running shoes to literally give you “a perfect stride for every ride”, but equally important, they have made selecting the right shoe very easy to understand and stress-free without the fuss and pageantry adopted by of other serious high-performance brands.

Someone trashed a NEWTON !

The whole shoe buying experience with BROOKS is so easy and fun that even a dummy like me can walk-away with a pair of a brand new high-performance shoe for less than 300 bucks, and feel extra good for trading-in an old pair of shoe which will be donated by BROOKS to charity. So, here are 3 simple steps for you to follow in order to buy the right BROOKS shoe, and at the same time, you can feel good about it afterwards.

STEP 1 : Take any old & unwanted pair of your shoe (I have seen people trade-in old flip-flops too!) along to your nearest BROOKS outlet.

STEP 2 : Tell the friendly shop assistant about the type of shoe that you are looking for, and spend some time here to discuss your feet type (flat, low/mid-arch, or high-arch); your running form (neutral strike, inward strike or outwards strike); your running surfaces (road or off-road); your running distance (less than 10KM, 10KM to 15KM or more).

STEP 3 : After you have chosen the right shoe model in your preferred colour, try the shoe on for size and walk back and forth to get a feel for the new shoe. Feeling good, already? You will feel even better when you select a shoe from the Pure Project range where BROOKS DNA technology has injected cushioning gel inside the shoe soles for a lighter ride and more FEEL because you will get 150 bucks discount off when you give them your old pair. There are also many off-road and long-distance shoes, with plenty of padding (FLOAT) to give you more comfort and protection, which are also eligible for the trade-in discount.

BROOKS Pure Project (from left) shoes: Connect, Flow, Cadence & Grit

Now, you are ready to hit the track with extra confidence and in style. For more detailed information of all the BROOKS high-performance running shoe range, please visit BROOKS MALAYSIA. All my daily postings are available at HAPPY RUNNER @FB.

Run Happy.



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