10 Bright Tips for Night Runs

Running at night in your neighbourhood can pose some unique dangers. However, there are ways in which you can make your night run safer if you follow my bright tips below:-

Be Brighter

  1. Survey your route beforehand during daytime by foot or by bicycle, and avoid routes without street lights, and make mental notes of potholes, uneven roads. open drains, and nearby convenience shops & petrol kiosks for drink stops.
  2. Avoid routes which have stray dogs, roads with heavy traffic and very isolated roads.
  3. Carry some cash & your identity card with you at all times in case of emergency.
  4. Run with a buddy whenever possible.
  5. Wear bright and reflective clothing.
  6. Always tell someone where you are going and how long you expect to complete your run.
  7. Always use both your eyes and ears to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Just because you cannot hear a car coming, it does not mean there are no cars around. Similarly, you may not be able to see a car around the corner, but you may be able to hear one coming.
  8. Wherever possible run against traffic, and run on the pavement rather than on the actual road itself.
  9. At a road junction, always pause and look for any oncoming cars before crossing.
  10. Drink as much water or sports drink for night runs as you would for day runs because just because there is no sun, it doesn’t mean you do not need to hydrate.

If you take heed of the above cautions, your night runs will always be a safe & enjoyable one.

About Gus Ghani

Hi:) My name is Gus and I am a Fitness Coach who enjoys outdoor adventures. In particular, I like to run marathons & ultra marathons, and compete in triathlons and century rides for fitness, fun & friendship. My passion is to motivate my friends to exercise more so that they can live life to the fullest. The purpose of this blog is five-fold:- 1) I find writing very therapeutic & beats paying for a psychiatrist to keep sane 2) I like to share & inspire others into engaging in any healthy pursuits 3) This is a great way to keep track of my progress in all my sporting endeavours 4) This also keeps me honest & spurs me on to do more 5) Even if you are a couch potatoe, I hope you will find my entries entertaining and/or informative. In summary, this blog is helping me help others help myself...get it?
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