Firefighting Men

It’s always a privilege to honour our brave men & women of the Fire Brigade, and participating for the first time in the 10km Bomba Run 2012 gave me such an opportunity to show support to those who risk their lives everyday to keep our homes and buildings safe.

This morning started with my fellow barefoot buddy Mr. Kf Chong picking me up from Subang Jaya at 6:10am. With a traffic-less drive down Federal Highway & in 15 minutes, we had arrived at Dataran Merdeka; having no problem finding a convenient & safe parking spot. One of the first person, we bumped into was Mr. Choi sporting his expensive looking Nikon camera. A recent leg injury had sidelined Mr. Choi as event photographer for the day.

By 7am, the 10km runners were called into the runner’s pen. Luckily, Riz was there to keep company as we chatted away waiting for the tower clock to chime 7:30am. My target was to finish in the top 100 in my category in order to be eligible for a medal. Running barefoot, I found the route extremely barefoot-friendly. Wanting a good finish, I managed to overtake runners on both the uphill & downhill portions. The two water stations along the route was adequate to keep me hydrated as the temperature rose towards the end of the run.

In the last 3km, a second wind took me swiftly across the finishing line which I was later told that the route was actually 11km. I was happy to be given a medal for my 81st placing.  As always, it was awesome to meet-up with some awesome friends such as Choi, Jason Lim, Uncle BF Tan, BF Jason, yayy! Julian, Chan Kah Yen, Barkely, Mr. Wong (Barkely’s father), Mr. Camera Leong, BF Kf, Riz, Pui, Mr. Tan Cheng Hock, Princess A’iesya, and LYN Kelvin. Sorry, if I forget to include your name; my memory is not what it used to be.

After the obligatory drink of 100 Plus & Milo, Pui, Riz & myself headed to the fire trucks for a photo-shoot. The Bomba crew was so obliging; even let us jump into the gigantic fire engines, and posing with us too.

What a better way to end an awesome day, then with the best nasi lemak in town at Tang Ling Poliklinik with my neighbour, Kf. I’m sure it was more than the 909 calories I had burnt during the run! It was totally delicious, and it’s no wonder that this stall has been operating for more than 20 years, drawing queues of eaters everyday. As the sky threatened to rain, we shifted ourselves home for a deserving rest.

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Happy & Safe Running Y’All 🙂

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Hi:) My name is Gus and I am a Fitness Coach who enjoys outdoor adventures. In particular, I like to run marathons & ultra marathons, and compete in triathlons and century rides for fitness, fun & friendship. My passion is to motivate my friends to exercise more so that they can live life to the fullest. The purpose of this blog is five-fold:- 1) I find writing very therapeutic & beats paying for a psychiatrist to keep sane 2) I like to share & inspire others into engaging in any healthy pursuits 3) This is a great way to keep track of my progress in all my sporting endeavours 4) This also keeps me honest & spurs me on to do more 5) Even if you are a couch potatoe, I hope you will find my entries entertaining and/or informative. In summary, this blog is helping me help others help myself...get it?
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