Dave Ern, Chef-de-Mission of Dragon Back Ride (1st April 2012)

Dragon Back Ride Routes I, II & III (Courtesy of Dave Ern)

Originally, I had planned to ride the modest 47km Route II which would take me to Bentong Springs & back. However, on that day, I decided to challenge myself, and go for the more demanding full 80km Route III which would take only the hardcore riders all the way to Bentong Town before looping back. My decision proved to be the right one because the scenery was stunning, and the weather was simply ideal for our task ahead.

6:30 AM Genting Sempah: My first time meeting with Dave Ern (Event Organiser) was truly meaningful because I realised, almost instantly, that Dave was the real thing when it comes to furthering the causes of cycling and cyclists alike. Online or offline, when it comes to dedication and passion to cycling, there can’t be many around who can really inspire others to embrace & enjoy cycling the way our Dave can. As the other participants started to fill-up the parking lot with their bicycles, I could feel the excitement in the air. If I was looking forward to this ride before, now I was just so pumped-up & eager to unleash our trusted machines and meet the infamous Dragon Back head-on. Looking forward, when today is done, all the spoils of victory will go to the rider who outlasts and outperforms the undulating & hidden giants.

About Gus Ghani

Hi:) My name is Gus and I am a Fitness Coach who enjoys outdoor adventures. In particular, I like to run marathons & ultra marathons, and compete in triathlons and century rides for fitness, fun & friendship. My passion is to motivate my friends to exercise more so that they can live life to the fullest. The purpose of this blog is five-fold:- 1) I find writing very therapeutic & beats paying for a psychiatrist to keep sane 2) I like to share & inspire others into engaging in any healthy pursuits 3) This is a great way to keep track of my progress in all my sporting endeavours 4) This also keeps me honest & spurs me on to do more 5) Even if you are a couch potatoe, I hope you will find my entries entertaining and/or informative. In summary, this blog is helping me help others help myself...get it?
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